Favorite Books for Elementary Boys: Graphic Novels, Chapter Books, and Nonfiction


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I am a bibliophile. I love learning, reading, diving into a world that’s different from my own.

So are my boys. Even as babies, we always had a book with us, no matter where we went. Now, at ages seven and 10, they still love to read. At the dinner table, in the car, during each other’s sports games — they just feel the need to read quite often!

Quick tip: every time we go to the library, we always bring a bag. We grab books that we think we might be interested in and if we don’t read them, no biggie. We reread lots of their favorite books too.

Now I know not every child loves to read like my kids do. But hopefully this list of books might give you some ideas of books to introduce to your kiddos to help them develop a love for reading too.

My elementary boys have been through so many books that I thought it might be helpful to make a list of their favorite ones of all time.

Disclaimer: I have not personally read all of these books, but my boys have. I cannot speak from personal experience about the content of these books except for what they tell me and what I research about them.

Books for Elementary Boys

Graphic Novels

  • Dog Man Series
    Dog Man is such a fun series! It’s an easy read that is quite entertaining to the little ones. Both of my boys still will flip through a Dog Man and enjoy it! (P.S. There is even a Dog Man Musical that occasionally comes into town, which is SUPER fun!)
  • Big Nate
    This is a good pick for the older ones. It’s about a boy who is in the sixth grade and is quite mediocre in school. It normalizes so many aspects of being a tween and my 10-year-old is obsessed.
  • The BabySitter’s Club
    My youngest actually loves this series, even as a boy! I think he really enjoys reading about relationships and friendships that often aren’t in books for boys, and I welcome his curiosity!
  • Narwhal and Jelly Series
    This is a great starter graphic novel — the pictures and stories are fun and there aren’t too many words on a page. We love reading about the friendship between the Narwhal and Jelly and their adventures!
  • Cat & Cat Adventures
    Confession: we are cat people. Hence why we love this series so much! This is another great one to start the young readers on because of its simplicity. Don’t be fooled though, the illustrations of cats are super cute.
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
    Follow the daily life of this middle schooler as he navigates the world of friends, teachers, and crushes. To make this book even cooler, there’s a movie made about it! Heads up, I’d save this for the older readers as the content is for a more mature audience (more of my 10-year-old’s style).

Chapter Books

  • Books by Roald Dahl
    Seriously, you can’t go wrong with anything by Roald Dahl. The comedy, the adventures, the made-up words — it’s all fabulous and entertaining. My boys really love his shorter books (Fantastic Mr. Fox, George’s Marvelous Medicine) that they can read in a few sittings, but the classics and more popular books (Matilda, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, BFG) are great for reading together at bedtime!
  • Nate the Great
    This is a great, short-chapter book for early readers who love a good mystery! We read these books together in one sitting and love the adventures of Nate!
  • Press Start
    If your kids love video games, this is a great one! It’s about a bunny who is in a video game and the variety of obstacles that he encounters! So entertaining and short enough to read in a few sittings!
  • Catwings Series
    Again, we love cats in our house. This has been one of my all-time favorite series that we have read. They are on the shorter side so perfect for early readers (although my 10-year-old loves to listen to them too!)
  • The Last Kids on Earth
    You may have heard of this series, as there is a show on Netflix based on the books! We love this series about monsters, zombies, and kids who survive the apocalypse.


  • Dangerous Book for Boys
    If you have a boy who loves being a boy, you’ve gotta check this one out. It’s full of information about outdoor survival, fishing, and even the mysterious world of girls. It’s a coffee table book at our house!
  • Weird but True! Series
    This series is endless! There is a Weird but True! book for just about anything: animals, skeletons, sports, etc! Thanks, National Geographic, for keeping my kids entertained when we go out to eat!
  • The Body Book for Boys
    My boys are starting to hear from their friends about puberty and getting older, and this book helps normalize the changes that their bodies are going through. It’s a great conversation starter!

So tell me, what are some favorite books for your elementary boys, or other little ones, these days?!

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