Shari Rash

Shari Rash
After a long weekend visiting Mt. Pleasant in January 2022, Shari Rash called a realtor and had their Vienna, VA house listed for sale within weeks. By June 2022, Shari, her husband Joe, their au pair, and four kids made Mt. Pleasant home. And they haven’t looked back! Since then they added a Goldendoodle puppy, Flash Rash, to the madness. Originally from Southern NJ, she hated that Summer only lasted three months. Shari is the founder of Greenway Wealth Advisory, a virtual financial planning firm dedicated to empowering women when it comes to their finances.
A professionally-dressed woman sits at a desk with a laptop, paperwork, calculator, and pen -- going over the income statement.

Mom Entrepreneurs: Understand the Income Statement

Being a mom entrepreneur is no small feat. Juggling the responsibilities of parenthood with the demands of running your own business is a challenge that requires a unique skill set. Oftentimes I meet with...
holiday spending plan: a hand pulling a dollar bill out of a red gift box

Creating a Holiday Spending Plan for Years to Come

We are now knee-deep in the holiday season and I don’t know about you, but I am trying every tip and trick to keep it together this year and stay as organized as possible....

Should I Rent or Buy? An Adulting Dilemma

We all find ourselves at this significant crossroads at some point or maybe multiple times throughout our adulthood if you have relocated for jobs, weather, or family  — should you rent or buy a...

Life Insurance Awareness Month: Understanding the Importance of Insurance

Every September, individuals and families across the nation come together to recognize Life Insurance Awareness Month. This is a topic that many people are uncomfortable talking about because it holds a mirror up to...
Buy More Expensive: a woman looks in shock at a garment's price tag.

Does It Make Sense to Buy the More Expensive Item?

School feels like it just ended, but in my household, we are preparing for the next school year! We need to think about supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes, new clothes, the list goes on! One...

Teach Your Child How to Handle their Money

Earlier in the year, I talked about how the idea of providing your child with an allowance helps them become more financially literate adults. However, providing the allowance or opportunities to earn money is...
529 account jar with piggy bank

Save for College With a 529 Account on 5/29 Day!

It's May! Flowers are in bloom, kids are excited for the end of the school year, and we are celebrating National 529 Day! You at least celebrated Financial Literacy Month with me in April, right?  If...

What Is Financial Literacy?

Happy Financial Literacy Month!  Is that the first time you have ever heard that sentence? Is my household the only household that celebrates this “holiday”? Probably . . . and probably. National Financial Literacy Month was...
child's money personality; two children holding up paper money.

7 Ways to Identify Your Child’s Money Personality

I attended a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) meeting this week and the topic was understanding your child’s wiring. Are they an extrovert or introvert? Task-oriented or people-orientated? Each child is a combination of those...
allowance strategies

Allowance Strategies to Help Your Kids Become Financially Savvy Adults

We all have dreams for our kids. Most parents want to give their children a better life, provide opportunities to them that they never had themselves, and set them up for a successful future. Does...