Painting Pottery as a Creative Outlet (Plus Where to Create Locally)


Crafted, creative, and full of inspiration . . . One of my favorite therapeutic outlets is painting pottery. I’m not an art pro at it, but there is something about picking out blank bisque ware and turning that blank piece into something personal and crafted.

As a young adult, I’d go to pottery studios when I needed to feel creative. Then when I first met my husband, while we were dating, I introduced him to the fun of pottery and we would go on dates to pottery studios and it became something we enjoyed doing together. Then I became a momma and continued the art with my daughter.

A small child's hand paints pottery with a paint brush. A palette of paints and water cup sit nearby on the table.Painting pottery began as early as 6000 BC in Egypt where they painted pottery with simplicity using earth tone colors. Over time, colors became vivid with design and the art form grew.

I enjoy painting and creating pottery as a destresser. I’m a natural Type A person, so it forces me to sit still and just be. It allows my mind to disconnect from the stress to focus on the art pieces at hand.

An unpainted smiling sunshine dish sits next to a couple paint brushes and paint palettes.Options for Painting Pottery

If you want to try this art form out for yourself or with your kids, there are several ways you can paint pottery:

1. You can purchase blank pieces and kits from your local craft store. There are several to choose from. Make a date of it for yourself or with your loved one.

2. Grab a kit with numerous options for both Mom and little one from online. You both get to make your own pottery and designs from start to finish from places like Sculpd.

3. Visit some local pottery studios. These are a few of my local favorites:

  • PepperJack Pottery (Summerville): With themed pottery nights, this is a big hit with any age.
  • Park Circle Ceramics (North Charleston): Learn a new technique and register for classes to become skilled in no time.
  • Pluff Mud Pottery (James Island): With lots of workshops and lots of blank pieces to paint, make this local spot a favorite for your next girls’ night.

The beautiful thing about making and painting pottery is that no piece is the same and there is no way you can mess it up. Art is beautiful in all forms.

Do you have a favorite pottery studio you go to or a creative outlet you’d like to share? Be sure to let us know below!

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Misty Barrett
Misty is a Cincinnati, Ohio native along with her husband. They moved to the area in early 2018 after getting married in the late summer of 2017. Having not been to the area before, they dove right in and now call it home. They also have a spunky three-year-old daughter. Misty is a blood cancer survivor, after getting diagnosed while pregnant, and undergoing a stem cell transplant. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and a small business owner. You can find her crafting, baking, and creating any fun DIY she can try. She enjoys discovering all things local from food, sites, and beaches with her husband and daughter. A family beach day is always a good day to her! Keep connected with Misty on Instagram @mistbarrett


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