A Guide to Local Picnics: 5 Locations and Setup Tips


It’s funny how doing a regular activity in a different way or in a different place, can turn the ordinary into something really special. My family manages severe food allergies, which greatly limits where and what we eat. We aren’t able to pop into a restaurant to celebrate a birthday or an ice cream shop for a special treat. All of our (homemade) meals are enjoyed at home. 

Though this can sometimes feel monotonous, we have found a way to make mealtime into something special…picnicking! A picnic can be simple as sitting in the grass with a snack or it can become a full-blown event. Below are my family’s top five favorite places to picnic around Charleston and some setup tips. Regardless of how fancy or simple you make it, I promise it will be a memorable experience for the entire family!

5 Spots to Picnic Around Charleston

  1. Hampton Park (30 Mary Murray Dr, Charleston, SC 29403) One of our favorite places in Charleson (minus the beach, of course). With sprawling gardens, large oaks trees, and a charming fountain with a bridge, the setup locations for picnics are endless.
  2. Pitt Street Bridge (972 Pitt St, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464)A palm tree-lined peninsula offering water views and lots of bird watching.
  3. Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park (99 Harry M. Hallman Jr Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464) A large sunny field with panoramic waterfront views of the Ravenel Bridge.
  4. White Point Garden (2 Murray Blvd, Charleston, SC 29401) Open grassy areas covered in a shade of gorgeous Spanish moss and views of boats sailing around Charleston.
  5. Palmetto Island County Park (444 Needlerush Pkwy, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464) With so many trails and large open fields, there are locations for picnics everywhere!

Setup Tips for Picnics 

Here are a few items we bring to make the experience enjoyable:

  • Washable/waterproof blanket – because no one likes sitting in the damp grass. 
  • Small low popup table – to help keep your food bug-free. (Here is a table is one we love).
  • Foldable chairs – so you have a seating option.
  • Bluetooth speaker – to set the mood.
  • Easy to eat/pre-cut food & a cooler – we bring lots of snack foods that are prepared at home, in ready-to-eat containers, making it easy once we arrive.
  • Outdoor games – we usually pack bubbles and golf clubs to help keep it fun for our son while we sit back and relax a bit.

Happy Picnicking!

Does your family have a favorite spot for picnics in Charleston? Tell us in the comments below!