A Downtown Charleston Scavenger Hunt for Kids! (FREE Printable)


My two boys (ages three and fine) LIVE for a scavenger hunt. We headed downtown (with a friend and her daughter) for a little afternoon fun. My creative friend made DIY clipboards using cardboard from a diaper box and binder clips and each kid got a printed list and a pen.

We met at Waterfront Park and headed towards The Battery and back again (like a loop). With things to look for, our kids did an amazing job on our big walk and really had the best time! We made sure that they understood that this was a team scavenger hunt and not a competition (eliminate the possibility of tears) and once they found all of the items, they won a treat! Cake pops from Starbucks for kids and so.much.coffee. for the moms.

I wanted to share my list in case you feel like you need a reason to get out of the house too! If this list seems too easy for your kids, obviously feel free to make your own! I love any excuse to go for a big walk downtown and see our beautiful city. Hope you have fun with this!

Below you’ll find an image of the scavenger hunt. Click on the image or link underneath the image to open a printable pdf. Don’t have a printer? Pull the scavenger hunt up on your phone and enjoy! 

>>> Downtown Scavenger Hunt  | FREE Printable <<<