Getting Spooky in Charleston: A Halloween Driving Tour


It’s Spooky Season and one of my favorite traditions with my kids is to drive around the neighborhoods of Charleston looking at the homes spookily decorated for Halloween.

In this third annual edition of the spookiest homes and neighborhoods to see at Halloween, we have some veterans of the Halloween decorating scene and some newcomers that we welcome in all their ghostly glory.

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A Halloween Driving Tour

Ivy Hall: 3241 Morningdale Drive (MOUNT PLEASANT)

3241 Morningdale Drive is THE home to see in North Mt. Pleasant. Owner, Kelly Frazier Miller, and mastermind behind the Halloween decorations said that she makes many of her props by hand. Miller starts building the props in April and usually spends eight hours a day for several weeks to set everything up. In total, it takes her hundreds of hours to complete her masterpiece.

haunted house on a halloween driving tour“Seeing the joy that I bring to all of the people who come to see it makes all the work worth it! That’s really what it is all about for me,” said Miller.

This is definitely one to see! You can even watch a preview clip ahead of time.

skeletons, spooky lights, and jack-o-lanterns.

Dunes West: 2184 Tall Grass Circle (MOUNT PLEASANT)

2184 Tall Grass Circle has long been the crown Halloween jewel of homes in Dunes West. This home is complete with multiple giant animatronics, a carefully crafted light display, and new this year: a laser fog show and a creepy hologram. The Whispering Marsh neighborhood in Dunes West is known for going all out at Halloween complete with a costume parade, chili and cornbread cook-off, and people “BOO-ing” homes with secret bags of treats. *Please note that this is a gated community.

spooky skeletons, witches, and demons in purple and red lighting on a halloween driving tour

Park West: West Canning Drive (MOUNT PLEASANT)

They have a skeleton apocalypse! ‘nough said!

Carolina Park: 1557 Bourne Xing (MOUNT PLEASANT)

Owner Kat Goldberg is a professional artist with experience in set design. She begins working on her Halloween decorations in May/June after the school play has wrapped.

skeletons set up with different set designs: underwater cave, mermaid, and treasure trove.Goldberg’s husband was in the film industry and handles the lighting and the cannons that fire.

pirate skeletons in an ocean display with a ship and octopus, on a halloween driving tour Last year, they held a cannon battle between their pirates and their neighbor’s pirates. This year, they built a voodoo lady with a bubbling cauldron and glowing potions.

voodoo skeleton lady with a cauldron

Old Village: 605 Pitt Street (MOUNT PLEASANT)

Owned by Jennifer Hankey, she has a full display every night through November 7th. Go from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. for a creepy “Skelly Show” every night.

skeletons in a yard

(DANIEL ISLAND) 557 Park Crossing 

Mention Halloween and someone will mention 557 Park Crossing with its dozens of skeletons of all sizes. The owner allows visitors to walk through it on Halloween and Christmas.A yard filled with tombstones, demons, ghosts, and skeletons.

(WEST ASHLEY) Carolina Bay 

a neighborhood halloween driving tourFamilies — and their fur babies — enjoy walking or biking around this neighborhood where everyone participates in creating displays of creative, spooky magic.

halloween driving tour


Owner Olivia Isgett-Rubin set the tone for the Halloween season when she asked for donations of dolls for her elaborate display of possessed baby dolls.

spooky dolls interacting with skeletons“When my kids were younger, I went all out on their costumes,” said Isgett-Rubin. “Now they are 18 and 15, so I focus on the yard. I have Halloween decorations like most people have Christmas decorations.”

spooky skeletonsDid we miss any must-see neighborhoods or houses? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Carolina Park – How did you not got to ‘Terror on Timmons’? Timmons street done up too yearly -should check it out (moreso at night)

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