A Local Summer Bucket List


You probably pictured 2020 as being the best year yet. From the planned vacations, family events, and all the fun in between! And then a pandemic happened and it completely turned everyone’s world upside down.

But, summer must go on and the kids can still have plenty of fun. Now that things are slowly opening back up, there are so many fun things locally that your family can do that is still within the guidelines of social distancing AND cost effective!

Here’s a summer bucket list that will be fun for kids of all ages!

1. Take a walk on all the public piers.

Now that the public piers are open, take the opportunity to walk and enjoy the fresh air and all the pretty views they offer!

2. Create chalk art.

Create fun drawings with your kids, and take a picture. When’s the last time you played Hop Scotch?! Endless creative fun!

3. Enjoy our local beaches.

Take full advantage of where we live and visit the local beaches. Explore the tidal pools. Try to create a seashell collection and check off the seashells you have found.

4. Go crabbing and fishing.

What a fun way to spend time with family. Luckily we have wonderful spots for it!

5. Take a ferry adventure to Bulls Bay.

They have shelling adventures that are fun for kids of all ages to do! This will be a fun experience for the whole family.

6. Support your local farmers.

Whether it is visiting your local farmers’ market, farm stands, or U-Pick stations, it surely will be tastier. There is just something about having produce farm fresh!

7. Give canned foods at your local blessing box.

Teach your kids about giving back. One simple way is by donating food to your local blessing box.

8. Go kayaking!

Go on an adventure! Book your adventure at Coastal Expeditions. They have tours that are very kid-friendly and I am personally excited to check this off of my bucket list this year.

9. Pick a fresh bouquet of flowers. Hidden Ponds Nursery has a U-Pick bouquet garden. Create a personalized bouquet for yourself or for someone else. They also have farm animals around. This is surely a family favorite of ours.

10. Host an outdoor movie day.

Bummed about not going to the movies? Have a family fun night and watch a movie outside.

11. Get ice cream!

Visit your favorite local ice cream shop for a yummy treat!

12. Make homemade playdough.

Going through playdough like crazy? Try making some from scratch this year. Here’s a recipe that I want to try this year.

13. Get a butterfly farm.

Watch Butterflies grow from caterpillars. Not only will this be exciting to watch, but also very educational for kids.

14. Make homemade bubble solution.

If your toddler is anything like mine, we go through bubble solution like no other. My friend posted a recipe to try and make a homemade solution and I am excited to try and make some!

15. Play in the kiddie pool.

Whip out the kiddie pool and to beat the summer heat. If kiddie pools are becoming boring, try incorporating ball pit balls inside the pool or buy a magnetic fishing kit to keep it fun.

16. DIY mani & pedi.

Girl moms?! Try some easy fun nail art from Pinterest with your girls. They have so many cute designs you can do like cupcake nails, watermelon nails, and shoe lace nails. Not only will this be fun for all, but also a great way to bond with your littles.

17. Find a nearby Book Box.

My neighborhood just installed a Book Box that we are very excited to use. Take a book, leave a book!

18. Create happy rocks.

summer bucketSpread positive vibes all over your town with Happy Rocks. My daughter absolutely loved doing this! Not only was it fun to create, but she wanted those who found the rocks to be lifted up in spirit.

19. Create a fairy garden.

You can either create these yourself or buy a kit to do it. You can make a fairy or dinosaur garden by getting a clay pot and filling it with soil. Then decorate it with tiny objects (a house, miniature dinosaurs, fairies, etc.) Get some seeds and plant them inside the soil and watch your garden grow!

I really hope these ideas help give you some inspiration for planning some summer fun with your little ones. We just need to make the best with what we have!

What’s on your summer bucket list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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