Charleston Moms EATS: Sullivan’s Board Co.


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If you are anything like our family, you’ve been scouting all over the Lowcountry for new delivery places over the past few months. Even though restaurants are open again, I can not say with good conscience that my kids would abide by the social distancing rules that are in place at most of them, so good delivery options are a must at our house.

That is why I was excited to find out about a new charcuterie delivery business that popped up, Sullivan’s Board Co. If you are unfamiliar with charcuterie, it’s a platter or board filled with meats, cheeses, and other finger foods that make for a great appetizer, or in our house, an entire meal. It’s fun, easy, and the kids love being able to pick up whatever they want off the board and try new things.

I had the privilege of talking to the owner, South Carolina native, Lacey Flowers about her new small business and how she came up with such a great delivery service for the North Charleston area.

Sullivan’s Board Co.

Lacey first came up with the idea for Sullivan’s Board Co. while trying to fulfill her own need for a good charcuterie board during the quarantine. She started just making them at home, and then after posting a couple of pictures to social media, she started getting requests from friends. This eventually led to her deciding to start her own business.

Lacey said that she first began her Instagram page to hold herself accountable. If you are like me and love looking at food pictures on Instagram, you can order directly on her website when you are eventually starving from looking at her Instagram feed. She asks for at least a 24-hour notice but if you’re really in need of some charcuterie, Lacey says not to hesitate to reach out to her. She wants to make sure everyone is accommodated when they choose Sullivan’s Board Co.

Lacey and Brett enjoying one of her delicious charcuterie boards.

Sullivan’s Board Co. offers an array of different boards with all organic produce, meat, and cheese. These are great for all occasions too, whether you’re hanging out with a couple of friends and a bottle of wine, or you want a great centerpiece for a party. The gathering boards range from a small box, great for traveling, to an entire gathering table, fit for up to 30 people!

Lacey is also looking forward to hosting in-home workshops in the future to teach you and your friends how to make your own tasty creations. And with Lacey’s long background in the restaurant industry and culinary education, all her boards are prepared with care and made with DHEC food regulations. When you order a board from Sullivan’s Board Co. it’s made with you in mind and can be customized to anyone’s diet. Plus, after its delivered, unlike other charcuterie deliveries, you get to keep the board!

Meat, cheese, fruit, and a bonus, of candy of course!

We recently had a small gathering board delivered which consisted of six appetizer-sized portions, of meat, cheeses, and other fruits, nuts, honey, and condiments. My kids were over the moon! The board was beautiful, and they dug right into the “disco cherries” (cherries with edible glitter), brie, and an assortment of other foods that I would never think to serve to my elementary-aged, picky eating kids. They had so much fun trying everything and even asked if we could order a larger board next time or make our own on the board we got to keep.

Our experience with Sullivan’s Board Co. was more than just a great appetizer/meal, it was an experience that led to lots of fun conversations about food and family time.