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Our family absolutely loves visiting Sullivans Island! We take afternoon trips to this area on a regular basis. We can’t get enough of the charming streets, fantastic restaurants, boutiques, and of course the beach! We have always passed by the Fort Moultrie National Museum, but never actually went inside to check it out — until recently!

Hands down, if your littles are into history or a mini adventure, I highly recommend taking them! We mapped out the sweetest adventure for anyone who decides to visit Fort Moultrie on Sullivan Island.

Fuel for the Adventure

My family are early risers, so if we don’t eat breakfast at home, we love to grab breakfast at The Co-op. I highly recommend their “Meat Lover’s Sandwich” — it’s so tasty! My kids and I love this charming restaurant. It’s a must-go when in Sullivans Island! It’s also a great place to take Instagram-worthy pictures! After we are full on yummy breakfast, we head down the road to go to Fort Moultrie, not far from The Co-op.

The Scoop on Fort Moultrie National Historic Site

Two young children posed at Fort Moultrie.Parking and Admission at Fort Moultrie

There are lots of parking spaces onsite. The admission to get inside is $10 per person at the Fort Moultrie Visitor Center.

What to Wear

I suggest wearing a good pair of comfortable walking shoes as there are stairs involved in this adventure. Bring a jacket if you visit during the cold season. If you plan to visit during the summer months, bring sun protection with you! I suggest a hat and sunglasses too.

Kid Favorites at Fort Moultrie

My kids loved exploring inside the museum (where you pay for admission). Be sure to ask for the Junior Ranger packet for the kids. This is such a great opportunity to make this into a fun homeschool lesson, or a general learning experience for kids! My kids ask for the Junior Ranger packet every visit and love completing it!

My kids were also fans of exploring the little tunnels in the fort and letting their imaginations go wild. They also loved seeing all the different cannons!

Length of Trip

Our little adventure at Fort Moultrie lasted for about an hour and a half, but we could have easily spent two hours there. I would pack a snack or lunch for the trip. If your kids are anything like mine, all the walking tends to get my little ones hungry, so I make sure to have something on hand.

A young boy reading a map in front of a monument at Fort Moultrie.Bonus Things to Do

Fort Moultrie is right next to the beach. So after we were done with Fort Moultrie, we decided to go for a beach walk and let the kids play in the sand. They also have mini walking areas next to the beach as well. It’s truly such a beautiful area; it’s a great spot to take scenic pictures and just relax!

After we spend the day at Fort Moultrie and enjoy the beach at Sullivans Island, we love getting lunch in the area! Especially if we didn’t pack a lunch and we are famished after the long walking adventure. Our go-to favorites for lunch are The Obstinate Daughter (they make amazing Ricotta Gnocchi) and Home Team BBQ (their barbeque is simply the best)!

Next, if your family is up for a little treat, we love to get ice cream at the local ice cream shop or get gelato. Our favorite gelato place is Beardcat’s Sweet Shop — I am always up for eating amazing gelato!

Lastly, if you plan to stay for a couple of hours after lunch and ice cream, we sometimes take the kids to the playground on Sullivans Island. It is such a perfect playground for the littles to run out their energy.

I hope this gave you some ideas to do while you visit Folt Moultrie and make a family fun day out of it!

If you have visited Fort Moultrie and have suggestions that you and your family like to do, please share them with us in the comments!

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