Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds: Alhambra Park


Welcome to our series: Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds! Each article in this series focuses more on specific parks/playgrounds at locations all throughout the Lowcountry. 

Next up, Alhambra Park in Mt. Pleasant!

Hidden along the coastline down in the Old Village of Mount Pleasant, you’ll find a gem of a playground. 

Nestled under the shade of beautiful oak trees and tucked back between rows of classic southern homes is Alhambra Park.

With three different and distinct areas to play in, there’s something for everyone: 

  • A perfectly toddler/younger kid-sized pirate ship, complete with two slides (Also a big draw for the older kids who like to climb around and slide). 
  • A jungle gym that every older kid is bound to want to tackle. 
  • A mini playground meant for the ‘not quite ready to climb on their own’ little ones.

The biggest draw here? There are also two large swing sets meant to compliment everystage, with six swings each!

Another quaint addition is the sandbox full of well-kept dump trucks, excavators, and every other sand tool you can imagine. Did I mention there are two restrooms here? No need to round up the troops on that front!

Personally, I love this spot for moments when it’s just my little ones and me. This park keeps it easy on mom, giving you the ability to see everyone at all times and it’s a big feel on a smaller scale. It is also perfect for those of us in the two under two or three under five crowd!

Ample parking is available, and because it’s tucked between neighborhood homes there are zero worries of traffic. Across from the park is Alhambra Hall, a historic building now used for the occasional event. Check out the huge greenway! For those of you with furry friends, it’s a great local dog park! The waterways are also super fun to explore if you’re feeling adventurous. There are also multiple benches and picnic tables near the water if you’re looking for a spot to snack or to just soak the gorgeous view in!

(Pro Tip: The sunsets here are not to be missed!) 

Looking for a ‘mom stop’ on the way? Check out Metto Coffee & Tea (they have a drive-thru!) or Brown Fox Coffee Co for a sweet treat for all! 

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