Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds: Park Circle Playground (Inclusive)


Welcome to our series: Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds! Each article in this series focuses on specific parks/playgrounds at locations all throughout the Lowcountry.

Next up, Park Circle Playground in North Charleston!

A decorative sign with animals, some using wheelchairs and other equipment. It says, "We're all able."

North Charleston now boasts the world’s largest inclusive playground! Read more about Park Circle’s redevelopment and all the grounds have to offer here.

Location: the center of Park Circle, North Charleston
Hours: Daily, 7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Parking: plenty of parking in the center of Park Circle

Overall Inclusivity at Park Circle Playground

This HUGE playground truly is for all ages, stages, and abilities. The countless considerations made for all children (and children at heart) to have fun and feel included are refreshing.

The ground covering of Park Circle Playground is a rubber surface, easier to accommodate wheelchairs, strollers, and other walking devices throughout. This also eliminates any danger of throwing/eating wood chips or sand.

Considering wheelchairs, there is a wheelchair charging station with games available to play during the wait. With lots of room to move around in between structures, there is even ample room for helping individuals transfer from a wheelchair to the playground equipment.

The playground is fenced in for greater peace of mind. Though the gates are easy to open, so still keep a close eye on kiddos at risk for running.

For hot Charleston days, there is plenty of shade with the overhead canopies spread throughout the playground. There are also a few water misters available for extra cooling.

Check out the sections below for additional information on how Park Circle Playground includes everyone!

Little Structures

One side of the playground is focused on the littles. With small crawling and climbing structures built to captivate imaginations, this area also works well for kiddos needing some calm space.

Small playground structures at Park Circle Playground: a firetruck, house, grocery store, and basic climbing structure with ramps and slides.

Music & Stories

Huge chimes, xylophones, and drums delightfully prompt new art exposure and musical collaboration with friends. Lining this section is also a couple of stories celebrating all abilities. They are spread over a dozen signs — read as you stroll by in each direction!

Music and story board signs, large chimes and other musical equipment at Park Circle Playground.

Inclusive Equipment

Spread throughout the playground are plenty of nooks and secluded domes for those who may experience sensory overload and need some quiet space.

Included with ordinary swings and zip lines are more accessible seats to enjoy the thrill of swinging through the air! They are hardened plastic with harnesses. My favorite part of the playground is the swing with a ramp and space for wheelchair transfers (seen below, middle image).

Yet another point for inclusivity, the playground includes a communication board for those who are nonverbal.

Adaptive equipment at Park Circle Playground.

Larger Play Structures

There are several large climbing structures, nets, and slides for the biggest and bravest! My six-year-old was so proud of himself for overcoming the challenges of getting to the tippy top of these.

A really cool aspect is that some of the slides are stainless steel, to prevent static disruption for those with cochlear implants!

Large playground climbing structures.

Obstacle Course

For the biggest kids (13+) and kids at heart, there’s a whole section to one side with a fitness obstacle course and other exercise fixtures. My rock-climbing husband tackled a few himself!

Ninja warrior style obstacle course equipment.

Amenities Near Park Circle Playground

Amenities at Park Circle Playground include tons of picnic tables over a covered pavilion space, a bathroom building with four separate wheelchair-accessible bathrooms, and water fountains. Not currently open to the public, there is also a turfed baseball field on the premises to be used for inclusive sports programs!

Images of a baseball field, pavilion with picnic tables, and restroom facilities.

I’m sure I missed some inclusive points that Park Circle Playground covers! If you’ve noticed any others, comment below to let us all know! I hope this sets a new precedence for playgrounds to come in the future. I am proud of this resource in our city for all kids to have FUN!

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