Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds: Waterfront Park


Welcome to our series: Lowcountry Parks & Playgrounds! Each article in this series focuses more on specific parks/playgrounds at locations all throughout the Lowcountry. 

Next up, Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant!

One of our favorite parks in the area is Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park! Under the Ravenel Bridge and down the street from Patriot’s Point, this beautiful park has a ship-themed playground that draws us in!

With equipment for every stage and age, your little ones will love running around this gated, soft-floored playground!

For Ages 2-5

Meant for our littlest buddies, this section is fairly low to the ground with a set of small steps that leads up to two fun slides. I will say, you still need to have eyes on your little one as there are a few open spaces meant for climbing.

For Ages 5-12

The next set of equipment had another mama admitting to me that it made her nervous. As I stood there watching my husband chase around our daughter, I knew what she meant because I felt it too. Its big appeal is two twisty slides, and tends to draw the little ones in. But with only one set of steps up, multiple ways to climb ladders up into, and large open gaps on the bridgeways — it’s much better suited for our bigs!

Waterfront Park slide

This next section is a bit of a heart-stopper meant for our most adventurous bigs. The sole way to get onto the platform is to climb and, truth be told, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a child on it! There is a slide that allows you to get down, but it’s several feet off the ground to prevent any smaller hands from climbing up that way!

Waterfront Park Dolphin climberThe one appeal this spot does have is it’s dolphin climbing figure. A lot of eager little hands were quick to climb to the top!

For All Ages at Waterfront Park

The next section is definitely the fan favorite for all ages! On this equipment are easy climb-ups for little ones, slides, twists/turns, and every sensory-filled object you can have at a park. Kids love climbing up this guy to make music, turn gears, and play pirates as they take over the helm and hunt for treasure with the fun ship-themed activities.

My favorite two bits about this playground? The floor is mostly made up of that soft cushion all of us love! The only spot that is made up of wood chips is underneath the climbing structure meant for the older kids. The second part I love the most? The two large swing sets — you rarely have to wait for an open swing here.

Waterfront Park swingsWe love coming to this park during the week because of how low-key it feels. It’s a great time to make a new mom friend! The weekends can be packed, but if you have a social butterfly, it might be your thing!

Waterfront Park has a walking path that weaves around the entire memorial. During the early days after my daughter was born, it was one of my favorite places to go for walks, whether baby-wearing or with a stroller! It also leads to the pier where there is plenty of room for fishing, walking, and there’s even a cafe!

Looking for a mom stop nearby? There’s a Starbucks down the road off Houston Northcutt. Coming in from downtown? Stop by The Daily for a snack and an Apple Butter Latte. Your autumn-loving heart will thank you for it!

Be sure to check out my reel for a run-through of the park before you go!

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