Moms to See in the 843: Crystal Keefer – Mom, Artist, Speaker


We are a generation of women who are pioneering the way for our daughters to be confident, capable, and inspiring to those around them! When we see a momma who is rocking her gifts and serving others, we want to give you a chance to connect with them and cheer them on as they live their story.

This momma with many hats hails from Summerville and is passionate about encouraging other women. Let’s meet her below!

Q: Hi Crystal! Tell our Charleston Moms a little about yourself!  

A: Hey Malana! I am from Cottageville, South Carolina. I am a wife to a flight medic, and a mom to Constance. I am a creative – artist, photographer, writer, coach, and podcast host. I am passionate about women walking in the truth of who they are, teaching others how to overcome obstacles, encouraging others, and giving them space to share their story so we can live our best life with joy and peace.

Q. So, you’re a wife, mom, artist, entrepreneur, and coach. Is there anything you can’t do?

A: Haha, numbers and math are not my things. I have been known to walk out of college twice. The second time, I thought I was getting it. Took lots of notes and was so confident, but the results of the test had a word or two to say back to me.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge of pursuing your dreams?

A: Being multifaceted/multi-passionate is challenging. It was hard to tie it all in. Society tells us to just pick one thing, but some of us are wired for more like me. To me, one thing puts us in a box. Pushing past what is considered normal is not easy. When I put blinders on and push through, either something will come together, or I will find out if its not something I’m supposed to pursue. I will never know until I try.

My personal growth in the middle of it all and life throwing things my way presented their own challenges. In the midst of it all, I have a choice. I can decide it will never happen, or I can understand that those challenges make me stronger.

Q: What is one word of encouragement for mommas who are trying to “balance it all” as they pursue their motherhood dreams alongside their personal dreams?

A: One word?? I am a woman of many words. Encouragement is my language!

Never give up. When it gets hard, keep going. Remember why you started. Our babies look up to us. We can instill so much in them, even ignite dreams inside of them, by showing up for ourselves. It can be tempting to throw in the towel and give up. But then what? Those dreams will still tug at our hearts.

Creating a schedule helps so much. Refer to it daily. Plug in the time you want to wake up, the time you want to go to bed, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and workouts. Then plug everything thing else – work time, creating time, meetings, community, volunteer, whatever your heart is pulling you towards.

Remember taking a break or sabbatical from everything (not the kids of course) is not the same as giving up. Sometimes we need to pull away for a little bit, but ALWAYS hold your dreams in your heart. Hold onto them tight.

Move your body and get out in nature. Involve the kids for a family workout, walk, or bike ride. Allow yourself to be and have fun. It’s for us as adults too.

Some days will require a bit more stillness, like meditating to ground yourself again.

Hydrate. So many times we feel restless, “hangry”, or unfocused, all because we need some WATER! Simple enough right?

Comparison, remember that it steals from us. Know that what you do is unique to you. Your personality, your experiences, your gifts, everything you bring to the table, makes you different. You may be on chapter one, comparing yourself to someone else’s chapter 20.

We wouldn’t show up to a marathon trying to win the gold, without training. So why do we do that to ourselves in life? Be patient with yourself as you grow. We evolve so much and it is such a good thing, such a beautiful gift. Give yourself a lot of love. We can do similar things, but everything we have inside us is more than good enough when we bring that to the world.

It may look like one momma is getting it done with five kids and you may be struggling with one. You are not her. We all live different lives with different gifts. Don’t beat yourself up. YOU ARE ENOUGH. Make that schedule and decide to own your days.

Oh MUSIC – headphones in my ears to block out some of the internal chatter helps me so much.

Q: What is the next “Big Fish” dream you are pursuing right now? How do you believe you will achieve it?  

Floral Photography by Crystal Keefer

A: A writing project, along with creating a place where women come to learn and do life together. They will get to leave refreshed and filled with truth to step into life with a little more confidence. I believe everything is achieved by chipping away at it little by little, breaking it down in small achievable steps that lead to progress and eventually accomplishing the thing you set out to do.

I am a dreamer, so there are definitely more.

Q: Where can Charleston Mommas connect with you and learn more about your work?

A: Instagram:
One place with all the links:
Podcast: Blessed Brokenness Podcast – available on most podcasting platforms

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