Go, See, Explore: Dreaming Farms Pumpkin Patch


Looking for a low-key way to get into the festive spirit? Check out the sweetest pumpkin patch on James Island!

And for a complete list of pumpkin patches, check out our Guide to Pumpkin Patches Around Charleston!

Dreaming Farms Pumpkin Patch

Dreaming Farms Pumpkin Patch is located off Camp Road. It’s large enough to notice but not so large that you’re waiting in line for twenty minutes to get in. (If you know, you know.)

Dreaming Farms shares a field with one of the local churches, and while I don’t know if they’re affiliated, I will say that we’ve always found that the best patches with the best pumpkins for the best price always seem to be in front of a church no matter what state you’re in!

At the gate, you’ll notice multiple wagons to plop your little ones or your pumpkins in. We thought that was the most fun touch and it makes for an adorable photo op.

They have all sorts of pumpkin and gourd varieties, even the multi-colored/textured fantasy ones we all stalk Trader Joe’s for. And they also sell multiple flavors of cider (try the peach!) as well as apple butter (buy it now, thank me later).

This patch is perfect if you want something low-key and straightforward. It’s not just a lot of pumpkins and it could easily be overlooked. But between the live music on the weekends and all the decor, there’s definitely a down-home patch vibe that left us feeling happy we had gone!

It’s spacious enough for your little ones to run loose in, it’s varied enough that we saw multiple families with bigs testing their strength against the larger pumpkins, and it’s quaint enough that nobody feels flustered, rushed, or crushed by a massive crowd!

It’s genuinely the perfect spot to go if your goal is just to have a nice time picking out pumpkins!

Looking for a mom stop nearby? Skip the long lines at Starbucks and check out Baguette Magic on your way in from Folly Road. If you’ve got extra time on your hands head down to the beach for a stop by Deadlow Coffee and a nice walk before heading back home to tackle those pumpkin projects!

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