I’ve Got the Hots for the Head Coach


Do you ever look at your current life and think, “How did we get here?”. I’m guessing you probably do. One day you and your husband are strangers flirting in the quad at college and the next minute, you’ve been married for 10 years with two little boys. (Or you know, a story that’s a little more specific to you).

I had this moment again on the baseball field. I’m watching my six-year-old toss the ball back and forth with his teammate and watching his coach give him pointers. This coach is so encouraging, helpful and patient with these little sluggers. And dang…this coach looks good in a baseball cap. That guy I flirted with in college? Oh yeah, now he’s my husband and he is my older son’s baseball coach. He’s the one teaching these little guys baseball and he’s the one who still looks good in a baseball cap.

How did we get here?? How are we old enough to have two kids and be coaching a baseball team?

There’s a lot of things about a coach that make them attractive: their assertiveness, the way they interact with the kids, their sports knowledge, their patience, their commitment. Or just simply their desire to play an active role in their kid’s life. I mean…what’s hotter than that?

If your husband is coaching your kid’s sports team, I’m guessing that you feel the same kind of pride and love towards your husband that I do. Coaching these kids is a lot of frickin work, time and energy. Now that I’ve seen it first-hand, I am even more appreciative of any coach that my child has ever had. If your husband or wife is a coach, THANK YOU. They are making such an impact on these little lives and I know it’s not an easy job.

Listening to my husband tell these six-year-old kids at the end of practice, “I’m so proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves” just makes my heart burst. The truth is, I’m proud of him! I’m so proud to have a husband that steps up to the plate (literally and figuratively) when the league needed volunteers. I’m so proud to have a husband that is looking for ways to connect with his kids. I’m so proud to be married to the hot head coach that’s nice and funny and a really good guy. Sometimes I miss the excitement of the beginning of our relationship in college when we are in the “sometimes boring” routine of our daily life. But then I see my husband on the baseball field with my son, encouraging him and cheering him on, I think that these really are the best years of our life.  I’m so happy we are here in this moment.