What’s In Your Bag?


Who doesn’t love taking a peek into the lives of other moms? I know I do. (Maybe that’s why I watch so much reality TV!)


OK so… first of all let me explain something to you about myself and bags. I have what experts would call a serious bag problem. Everything from Bermuda Bags to Beach Bags, LL Bean to Longchamp and quite a bit of everything in between take up residence in my closet.

Being such a connoisseur of baggage, finding my perfect diaper bag is something that never actually happened in the last 5 years of being a mom. I tend to use totes as diaper bags and will sometimes toss diapers and wipes in my purse, cross my fingers and hope none of my 3 little people need anything else while we’re out!!

Currently, with baby #3 being two months old, I do tend to have a diaper bag with me more often than not. My bag of choice at the moment, is by far my most favorite thus far in my discerning diaper bag decision making process. This bag is one that I had custom made by The Beaufort Bonnet Company while I was pregnant. It may or may not have taken me weeks to finalize my decision for fabric type, color and monogram. Navy moire with light pink poplin and green monogram. Sigh… and she sure is a beauty!

20150708_143936-1Now that I got all of that out of the way, my diaper bag currently contains the following-

  • Changing pad (been using the same one since #1 was a baby)
  • 6 size 1 diapers
  • package of wipes
  • 2 pacifiers
  • 1 muslin swaddle blanket
  • cotton bonnet for #3 (very necessary as she’s as bald as #1 & #2 were)
  • 2 pair disposable breast pads (nursing = can’t leave home without them.)
  • 2 pullups (just in case, for #2 who is 99% potty trained)
  • 1 pair of boy’s underpants (just in case, for #1 who is 100% potty trained but as we all know, accidents happen.)
  • Rosebud Salve (for me, it’s my version of wearing makeup)
  • Individual “Wet Ones” wipes (citrus scent please, not the boring, unscented kind)
  • Hand Sanitizer (what #1 & #2 refer to as “Magic Soap”)
  • Bib & Burp cloths (because spit up happens)
  • Extra converter gown for #3 (because blowouts happens)
  • travel sz bottle of Ibuprofen (because. just because.)
  • 1 pair of strawberry shaped sunglasses & a princess necklace (courtesy of #2)

I am really glad this post was about what’s in my diaper bag rather than my purse.
The contents of my purse would be a post in itself. Just the other evening I found myself removing a tennis ball and Mr. Potato Head’s mustache from it, before going downtown with a friend. As I was reaching for my wallet to pay for dinner, I pulled out an Octonaut.

What’s a mom without her bag of tricks, anyway!?

xo, Jessie


Here’s a little peak inside my bag! Ok what my purse feels like it contains is a stack of bricks. What it really contains is alllllll these goodies. Essentials to keep me sane (and feel a little pretty) on the go! So, here’s what you’ll find in my purse as of right now:

jennifers bag

• My wallet. Of course, this is a must for us all. No explanation needed.

• Bath & Body Works body spray (in Pink Chiffon scent to be exact) for when I need to smell a tad fresher

• Deodorant for the days when I’m in such a rush I forget it at home… It happens!

• Artificial tears & EOS lip balm for when my eyes & lips are feeling a little dry

• My beauty bag. This little must-have contains my pretty makers for retouches or when I simply need to look at least a little presentable.

• Hair ties, hairbrush, and hair bows. I have a 7-year-old girl and occasionally I get to the store and realize her hair is a mess. Oopsy.

• Coupons are always a good idea. A pen is essential

• Ibuprofen for Mama’s headaches on those long days out and about with the kids

• Point & shoot camera because I can’t (unfortunately) take my DSLR everywhere

• Bobby pins: my go to hair do!

• iPhone charger because a dead phone just cannot happen

• Toys! These are never planned; they always seem to just end up in Mama’s purse!

There ya go! All my purse secrets! I would say I need to try and tone it down but let’s be honest – that’ll never happen.


I have a confession to make. I have three diaper bags! I love them all for different reasons and like to switch up my routine every few months (sometimes weeks). I have a gorgeous Petunia Pickle Bottom bag that I love to use for traveling. The backpack feature makes it so convenient when lugging bags and a baby through the airport! I was gifted a Vera Bradley diaper bag at my baby shower that is lightweight but holds a surprising amount of stuff. And finally, I have a Stella and Dot purse that is cute for everyday use and still functional as a diaper bag. Having three bags may be overkill but it works for my and my family’s needs.


Lately I’ve been carrying my Vera Bradley bag. Here’s what you’ll find inside.

  • 2-3 diapers, a wipes case (from the PPB bag), and a changing pad (from the VB bag)
  • A sippy cup
  • A variety of snacks – goldfish, teddy grahams, raisins, and granola bars
  • A Baby Bjorn bib for messy food. The one we have is amazing! The built-in food catcher is a must-have for me. I will never go back to a standard bib!
  • The latest issue of Highlights Hello magazine. This is a monthly magazine for babies ages 0-2. My daughter loves it! We keep a few in the car and they keep her happy and content!
  • Itty Bitty Minnie Mouse and Cinderella. My daughter LOVES stuffed animals and insists on bringing “a friend” everywhere we go. These are small enough to throw in my bag without taking up a lot of valuable space.
  • The red ikat makeup bag contains Wet Ones, Boogie Wipes, Tissues, and hand sanitizer.
  • The small Vera Bradley makeup bag hold my chapstick (Softlips and Lip Medex) and a few lip glosses. My current favorite is Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss in bright pink.
  • My wallet
  • A pair of socks for our weekly My Gym class.
  • My Lilly Pulitzer agenda. I also keep a larger planner at home. I’ve tried Google Calendar and keeping a calendar on my phone but I prefer old fashioned pen and paper.
  • The Antelope in the Living Room, by Melanie Shankle. I’ve been trying to read this book for 2 months now but haven’t found the time to finish it. I keep it close by just in case I get a spare minute to myself.
  • Not pictured – crumbs, old receipts, bobby pins, and hair ties.

What’s in YOUR bag?