How I’m Preparing Differently for Postpartum the Second Time Around


preparing for postpartum: a toddler boy holds his baby brother in a chair.I will be the first to admit, I was not even remotely prepared for postpartum when I brought my first baby home. I had prepped the nursery, my dogs, and got all the baby gear, but somehow forgot about preparing for myself! I am due with number two very soon, and will be making sure I get ready for the postpartum period this time! 

Ways I’m Preparing for Postpartum, the Second Time Around

1. Freezer Meals

I have read all the mommy blogs, seen the social media posts, and heard from others how valuable it is to prepare some freezer meals for those early postpartum days. Did I do anything like this the first time? Nope, but I can assure you this time I will be preparing at least a week’s worth of breakfast meals and dinners!

I’ve also already signed up for my Beyond Delivery meal from Postpartum Support Charleston! It is a free program where expecting mamas can sign up for a delivery of lasagna and an infant care package!

2. Padsicles

IYKYK! I had no idea every time I would need to go to the bathroom, it was going to be an entire process that would end with me adding different items to a pad to help ease the burn. I didn’t make any “padsicles” for myself the first time, and that was a huge regret! I’ll be using this recipe to help make the bathroom process quicker, and also help with recovery.

3. Self-Care Ahead of Time

I fully plan on doing a little self-care before my due date this time! Funny story (now): last time when it was time to push, all I could see when I looked down was my chipped toenails! They were painted a pink color, and were fully chipping off — it bothered me SO much during delivery. So this time I will 100% be getting a gel manicure and pedicure ahead of time.

I also plan on getting my hair cut prior to delivery. During my first pregnancy, my hair grew long and was super thick and gorgeous! Well, that quickly changed into long and stringy with postpartum hair loss. This time I am going to go ahead and get a cut prior so it can help me feel better during that period!

Finally, I will be treating myself to a prenatal massage (of course with my provider’s approval)! 

4. Toddler Fun Week

I can’t make this ALL about me! Obviously the first time around, I didn’t have a highly energetic two-year-old to prep for, so this time is much different. I plan on doing a toddler fun week to celebrate and make some final memories together as a family of three! I plan on heading over to the aquarium one day, getting some ice cream, and maybe checking out a music class! I want my little man to feel super special because his life is about to drastically change too.

I’m sure I am missing a few more things to prepare for, but this time around I am not as stressed to bring home a new addition as I was before!

What did you do differently to prepare for your second baby compared to your first?


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