Amber Joyner

Amber Joyner
Originally from the Southwest, Amber has called South Carolina her home since middle school, residing in Surfside Beach, SC until moving to Mount Pleasant with her now husband in 2010. Alongside her husband, Amber has two boys aged 5 and 2, and a 13-year-old husky named Sora. Amber works remotely as a Software Engineering Manager for a local company with previous experience as a classroom educator for six years. Amber loves to travel often exploring new national & state parks and being in nature as much as possible. She loves cooking new vegetarian/vegan recipes for her family, building all the Legos, playing video & board games, and attempting to keep all her houseplants alive. Over the past year, she has discovered a newfound love for yoga & meditation, and finally has the time for audiobooks, podcasts, & attempting to learn Japanese (thanks car rider line!).
Harry Potter book, wand, and glasses.

You’re a Wizard, Harry! Conjuring News & Activities To Celebrate International Harry Potter Day

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Arbor Day: a large tree with sunlight peeking through its leaves.

Arbor Day: We Speak for the Trees (Plus Ideas to Celebrate!)

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STEM: A young child with a headset.

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A Pokéball sits on top of a messy pile of Pokémon cards.

National Pokémon Day: Gotta Celebrate ‘Em All!

These beloved Pocket Monsters have been around for almost 28 years. They first made their debut in 1996 on the Nintendo Gameboy as Pokémon Red and Green in Japan. Today, Pokémon remains the highest-grossing...
A pile of colorful LEGO bricks.

Building Appreciation for Our Favorite Brick on International LEGO Day

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EASY Apple Recipes: a large pile of red apples on the left and green apples on the right

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The Seedy Side of Pumpkins

Fall is in the air, my favorite time of year -- when everything pumpkin spice explodes onto the food scene. Now, I’m pro-pumpkin in and on almost everything, but it doesn’t get any better...

Up, Up, and Away, It’s National Comic Books Day!

On September 25th, National Comic Books Day honors the art, creators, and stories of comic books. Comics have been the origin for our most beloved superheroes and fictional stories which have recently exploded into...