Abundance of Apples? Here’s a MEGA List of EASY Apple Recipes


Fall brings in all the favorites with pumpkins, cooler weather, harvest events, and the inevitable overflow of apples! Whether you picked them yourself at an orchard or purchased them in bulk at your local grocery store or fruit stand . . . maybe mistakes were made. Have you become the owner of an abundance of apples? Now what?

EASY Apple Recipes: A woman holding 4 apples piled in her handsThankfully fall has no shortage of recipes — and we’ve done the hard work by compiling an exhaustive list for all the apples! Keeping the prep time and ingredients to a minimum, this list should get you in and out of the kitchen as quickly as possible while still being able to enjoy all the apple goodness.

First off, reference this quick apple cheat sheet (“A Baker’s Guide to Apples”) about which variety of apples are the best to use for which recipes.

  • Gala and Fuji: These are a sweet variety of apples and are best thrown into a salad or non-cooked recipe — and can usually serve as a topping.
  • Golden Delicious: This apple variety is a good combination being both tart and sweet which is perfect for breakfast recipes like oatmeal and pancakes, or even desserts.
  • Granny Smith and Pink Lady: These apple varieties can be very tart. Pair them with something that adds a sweetener (like a pie, a crumble/crisp, or even just caramel apples) which balances out the tartness but also cuts the sweetener a bit.
Hopefully you know what varieties are in your home and have identified what types of recipes they’re best for. And now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for . . .
EASY Apple Recipes: a large pile of red apples on the left and green apples on the right

EASY Apple Recipes for Any Time of Day




Side Dishes




Which recipe do you prefer? Savory or sweet? Have any favorite, easy apple recipes you’d like to share? Comment below!

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