Ashley Simpson

Ashley Simpson
Ashley Simpson is a freelance writer and book coach, helping people to tell authentic and true stories that come from the heart. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Parker, for the past 10 years and just gave birth to her first biological child, Jasper. Prior to this, they were foster parents for several years and have had close to a dozen teens through their home – some for longer than others. When she isn’t writing or drinking coffee, you will find her at the barn with her horse or with her nose buried in a book.
Star Wars: Chewbacca

May the 4th Be With You: How Star Wars Changed Our Family

When we first became foster parents, we had no idea the challenges that would come with our very first placement. Attachment, much to our dismay, was slow to come for everyone, including our new...
Encourage a young writer: a little girl writes at a table with a very focused expression.

5 Ways to Encourage a Young Writer Today

Most children don’t have to be taught to be creative and imaginative. They are innate storytellers and love to share their work with the world. We don’t have to be told that at some...
What no one tells you about adoption: a couple sits at a table with paperwork across from a professional worker.

What No One Tells You About Adoption

When we adopted our son, I thought we had it all figured out. We had connected with adoptive families in our church and community. We read all the books and attended all the classes....
foster care crisis: two parents help a young girl with riding her bike.

When Adoption Became Real: 3 Websites That Put Faces to the Foster Care Crisis

It feels like forever ago that my life was dramatically changed by adoption. I remember hearing about the foster care crisis and how few homes were available for kids in need. While the numbers...
adoption and foster care resources: a family likely made through adoption read a book together on a bed.

Adoption and Foster Care Resources in Charleston

Do you feel the tug on your heart to open your home to a child in need? Whether you want to provide a temporary space for a child to land or a forever home,...
Family Legacy: a family cheers with their glasses around the dinner table

Capturing Your Family Legacy This Holiday Season

The holidays are a great time to get together with family, but there is an even more important reason to see your extended family this season. You never know how much time you have...
A woman with a mug, pen, and notebook for National Novel Writing Month.

National Novel Writing Month: How Moms Can Write Their Story This Year

November is one of my favorite times of the year – and it signals more than just our beloved Turkey Day. November also happens to be National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo, for those in...
memory keeping with folded slips of paper in a bowl

Fishbowl Funnies & Memory Keeping

After my now-husband and I had been dating for a while, I noticed that his parents kept a fishbowl filled with index cards in their kitchen. At first, my thought was that it was...
Cricket, a black service dog sitting on a paved path.

Supporting Service Dogs and Their Handlers

I never thought I would be the kind of person to take her dog everywhere with her. I love my dogs wholeheartedly, but asking one of them to come to the grocery store with...
mental health resources teens: hallway of a care center

5 Mental Health Resources in Charleston for Teens and Older Kids

When your child has mental health or behavioral health concerns, it can feel lonely and isolating. I wish there was something I could say that would help you to feel understood and seen, but...