Jen Blanton

Jen Blanton
Jen Blanton was born into a musical family between Baltimore and Annapolis, MD. She studied classical voice at two of the top conservatories in the world, performing on stages in front of 3,000+ people at a time. A career-ending injury to her sternum forced her to pivot and lean into her other passion. She owns FAME Performing Arts and Encore Music Hall in Mt. Pleasant. Jen is a breast cancer survivor and a very determined person, constantly striving to get the most out of life. She prioritizes spending time with family, traveling, and business continuing education.
A woman at Oyotunji African Village sits with 5 blue fish-related statues.

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What We Can Learn From Other Cultures About Elderly Care and Dying

I got a text from my brother on a Thursday evening that my dad was admitted to the hospital, again. The next day the text said, "This is the best he's going to be,...
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