Marie Bentley

Marie Bentley
Marie is a freelance writer and homeschooling mom of four – three adult kids and an 11-year-old  – who, for the last 16 years has made the Lowcountry her home. While her family spends a large portion of the year traveling throughout the country, she's actually quite the homebody. When she's not writing – something she's been doing for almost 30 years– Marie loves getting out and about in Charleston, weaving local history into her youngest' homeschool lessons, and exploring the many resources, sites, museums, and landscapes SC has to offer. One of Marie's bucket list items is to visit/hike each of the 47 state parks. Will this be the year she completes the goal? Marie chronicles all of it on her homeschool blog and YouTube channel.
Blocks labeled with wife and husband have a "mediator" block in between them. A person's hands hover a "judge" block over them.

Divorce in South Carolina, Part 2: The Divorce Process

With the types of divorce in South Carolina covered, it's now time to delve into the divorce process in SC. This is usually the longest and most challenging phase, emotionally and financially, especially when...
Types of Divorce: a gavel lays on a table with the sign "Family Court" behind it.

Divorce in South Carolina, Part 1: Types of Divorce

Now that I’ve come through on the other side of divorce, not once, but twice, I thought it might be time to share with other moms what to expect when facing a divorce in...
Perimenopausing: a woman eating a meal with a surprised and disturbed expression.

What to Expect When You’re Perimenopausing

In 2018 I was almost convinced I was pregnant, despite every reason why that couldn’t possibly be true. I had gone two months without a period. Around that same time, I visited my doctor...
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Holding on While Letting Go: Clearing Out After a Parent Dies

Two boxes of her jewelry-making supplies, a box of jewelry she had made and had planned to sell, two oil prints of prominent Williamsburg, Virginia buildings, her iPod and cell phone, approximately 24 thumb...
Large brick home with sheep eating grass in the foreground at Middleton Place

Go See Explore: Middleton Place

After you and your kids have visited the beaches, playgrounds, and kid-friendly restaurants in the Lowcountry, what’s next? For parents who have seemingly exhausted all options to keep their kids engaged and happy, look...
Magnolia house at Magnolia Plantation

Go See Explore: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Have you been to see Magnolia Plantation yet? If you’ve never heard the call of a peacock, it's here where you'll be able to knock one item off your “unusual bird calls” bucket list....
International Pirate Month

How to Celebrate International Pirate Month in Charleston

You may already be familiar with Talk Like a Pirate Day. It takes place every year on September 19th. Whenever possible, aspiring buccaneers are encouraged to sprinkle some pirate slang into their conversation or...
North Charleston

Guide to North Charleston Living

Located just a few miles north of downtown Charleston, North Charleston is a vibrant city you'll want to be a part of. This eclectic city is home to the Charleston International Airport; full of...
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Summer Learning: Simple Educational Activities for Kids

As we settle into the summer, and with the July 4th holiday behind us, the newness and excitement of the end of the school year have likely worn off. Chances are some child, somewhere,...
guided shark tooth hunting

Not a Fossil Expert? Take a Tour: Guided Shark Tooth Hunting in Charleston

If you've lived in Lowcountry for a time and have enjoyed our amazing beaches, there's a pretty good chance you've been shark tooth hunting in Charleston and have your favorite spots for finding fossilized...