My Favorite Ways to Exercise at Home


After my six week check up with baby number one, I was antsy to get back to my workout routine. I worked out pretty consistently throughout my pregnancy with various gym classes and light weight lifting.

Maintaining my regular exercise routine definitely helped me maintain a healthy pregnancy weight, control my pregnancy-induced headaches/pains, and bounce back pretty quickly post-baby. However, I had an extra 10–15 lbs of weight that I wanted to lose ASAP.

In an effort to save money and be time-efficient post-baby, I ditched the gym membership and opted for at-home workouts. While I missed my regular yoga and spinning classes, there are so many benefits to working out at home.

It saved my family money and time. Our gym only offers childcare after six months, so it was easier to workout during nap time than find time after my husband got home from work.

I also felt very uncomfortable wearing gym clothes and working out after I had my baby. My entire body was sore and nothing felt quite “normal.” I felt more at ease and less pressure to keep up with a class when I was working out at home. Here are a few at-home workout programs I have tried (and liked!):


I love this program! The program is 25 minutes a day for ten weeks. It requires little space (I do it in my living room), and you only need a mat and low weights. Last spring, as a working mom, I wanted to tone up for a vacation to Mexico. I was able to squeeze the workouts in before work and saw results after a few weeks. Even when I’m not following the entire program, this is my go to option for a quick ab and arm workout.


Insanity is similar to T25, but longer and more intense. My husband and I started this program about five weeks before I became pregnant. It was fun to do it together, but it was intense! We were both complete sweaty messes at the end of each workout. There is a lot of jumping and high intensity movements, so I decided to stop the program when I found out I was pregnant. However, there are modifications and would be very doable after baby.

Bikini Body Guides Kayla Itsines

My friend started this program last spring and I decided to try some of the workouts with her. It is awesome! It is a 12-week full body workout program, and the workouts are challenging. It is tough, but I saw results quickly. You can follow the thousands of women who are completing the program on Instagram. It is motivating to see their real results and there are lots of moms completing the program postpartum.

Some of these at home programs can be expensive. Ask a friend to borrow their DVDs or see if they are willing to split the program with you. My sisters and I often share our DVDs with each other when we are done or need a break. It’s a fun way for me to connect with my sisters because we can hold each other accountable even when we aren’t completing the workouts together.


I received the Fitbit as a gift last year, and it seriously motivates me to keep moving! My sisters, husband, and I constantly compete for the most steps. We love to participate in the “Work Week Hustle.” It helps keep us moving and keeps us connected while living in different states.

Running/Walking Outside

We are so fortunate to have amazing weather in Charleston. I love to walk/jog/run the Ravenel Bridge with my daughter. She loves the fresh air and looking out at the water. Afterwards we have lunch and play at the playground under the bridge. Win win for both of us!

What are your favorite ways to exercise at home?



  1. This article is awesome! I feel the same way, because it was seriously so hard to get to the gym with two little ones, even with the childcare. I spent so much money each month and never got anywhere with my fitness!

    So I started with some at home programs like T25 and 21 Day fix, they were seriously like having a personal trainer at home. Lost weight and toned my body in just weeks. And it was way less expensive than a gym membership!

    After seeing results, I decided to start coaching with team Beachbody so I would be able to help others while making an income so I could be able to stay home with my girls!
    Best decision I ever made!
    If interested in at home workouts, I would love to help you mamas with your fitness and nutrition. Or if you are interested in joining my team, I can get you more info as well!

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