I Love My Period (Products): Navigating the World of Menstrual Cups, Discs, and Underwear


Period products: a woman lays in bed with her hands over her lower abdomen.I love my period.

No really, when I get the first sign of starting, I bring out all of the things from the cabinet! I set it all up — I clean my disc, I make sure my cleansing wipes are packed in my purse, and I pull out my most comfy undies.

Now don’t run away screaming. I’m excited, but only because it has taken me so long to find my groove. I used to be someone who would take my birth control continuously so that I wouldn’t get a period. No one really enjoys having their period. It’s complicated, messy, and annoying — kind of like a teenage boyfriend.

But I’m here to help YOU find some ways to make it just a little bit easier and more enjoyable. You have to really find what works for you — there are so many options right now. (I would give anything to have my first period these days!)

Where do we begin? Whether you are someone who prefers reusable products or disposable ones, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each.

What Kinds of Period Products Should I Use?

Ask yourself: Do you mind seeing blood? Or are you someone who wants to avoid it at all costs? This is important to know about yourself because the reusable products will be very hands-on and can get messy. They also come with a learning curve, so it’s going to take time to get used to cleaning, inserting, and just overall managing them.

If you’re not into the reusable products, I do highly recommend Honey Pot tampons and pads. They are a little more pricey than your typical tampon or pad, but they are made from organic cotton and are gynecologist- and dermatologist-approved. They also give back to the community, so that’s a plus.

Period products: reusable pads, menstrual cup, sprawled out with flowers.Reusable Period Products

These include discs, cups, pads, and underwear that are all able to be fully cleaned and ready for use every cycle. Save money and the planet — count me in!

  • Reusable Pads

Reusable pads are actually quite easy. They work like a regular pad, but instead of having adhesive, they use a snap button! This makes using them super easy. Once you are done using it, toss it in the laundry with everything else! I love Period‘s reusable pads, or, if you are really into it, you can even make your own or buy them handmade on Etsy!

  • Menstrual Underwear

My favorite reusable menstrual underwear is Period. They are the most comfortable, most affordable, and have the best variety of styles, in my opinion. You can buy based on your flow (heavy, medium, or light) or based on style (boxers, thong, bikini — and they have high-waisted!). Plus, most of their pairs are only $9, which is a steal! They even have teen sizes (cue the little girl in me who would have died not to wear a crunchy pad or fumble with learning to use a tampon).

I also love Thinx. They offer some cuter styles that you might be more excited to wear. They are going to cost you a little more but, come on, it’s an investment.

  • Reusable Silicone Products: Discs & Cups

Let’s take a second to talk about discs and cups. They are both reusable silicone products that you manually insert. The big difference is that the cup doesn’t go quite as far as the disc. The cup will sit in the vaginal canal while the disc sits higher up in the vaginal fornix (right on top of your pubic bone). Now, both take time to learn how to use, but there are lots of resources for this!

My Experience With Cups and Discs

I started off using a Lena cup and loved it for many years. There are other cups out there like Saalt and Diva. There’s even a fun quiz at Put a Cup In It you can take to get a better idea of which cup you should choose for your body!

When they started coming out with discs, I decided to give it a shot. I tried the Flex disposable disc at first before committing to buying a reusable one. I went on to buy a Flex reusable disc because I loved it so much, and even invested in a Saalt disc as well! It took some getting used to when inserting, but it was much more comfortable than a cup for me. Also, I loved that I could have mess-free period sex while using a disc!

Cleansers for Period Products

Don’t forget to buy some fun cleaning products! Flex has a foaming wash that I use occasionally in addition to their biodegradable wipes that I take with me everywhere when I’m using my disc. If you want to get fancy, you can buy Saalt’s steamer to clean in between cycles or even their travel sanitizer!

Questions? I LOVE talking periods, so reach out! There are so many amazing resources online too. So, what do you think? Which period products will you use?

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Amber Weakley grew up in Charleston and is happily raising her 2 boys in this beautiful city. She is the Outreach Coordinator for Postpartum Support Charleston where helping other mothers is her life’s mission. After the birth of both of her boys, she struggled with Postpartum Depression and Bipolar 2. Amber is currently in school to become a Licensed Counselor to specialize in Maternal Mental Health. She has been married for 10 years to her high school sweetheart, and fills her cup by doing yoga, journaling, and going on adventures with her family.


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