Amber Weakley

Amber Weakley
Amber Weakley grew up in Charleston and is happily raising her 2 boys in this beautiful city. She is the Outreach Coordinator for Postpartum Support Charleston where helping other mothers is her life’s mission. After the birth of both of her boys, she struggled with Postpartum Depression and Bipolar 2. Amber is currently in school to become a Licensed Counselor to specialize in Maternal Mental Health. She has been married for 10 years to her high school sweetheart, and fills her cup by doing yoga, journaling, and going on adventures with her family.
books for elementary boys: two boys sit on a bench reading books.

Favorite Books for Elementary Boys: Graphic Novels, Chapter Books, and Nonfiction

I am a bibliophile. I love learning, reading, diving into a world that's different from my own. So are my boys. Even as babies, we always had a book with us, no matter where we...
Period products: reusable pads, menstrual cup, sprawled out with flowers.

I Love My Period (Products): Navigating the World of Menstrual Cups, Discs, and Underwear

I love my period. No really, when I get the first sign of starting, I bring out all of the things from the cabinet! I set it all up -- I clean my disc, I...

Tales From a Camping Novice: 5 Tips for a First-Time Camper

Camping has never sounded like fun to me. I'm a "fancy hotel in the middle of a big city" kind of girl. I like my clawfoot bathtubs with bubbles up to my chin. I love...
A view of a child's legs skateboarding

Skateboarding Around Charleston: The Where, the Why, and the How

I grew up around skateboarding. My brother and I would grab our longboards and cruise down the road on the long, hot summer days here in Charleston. Kick, push, glide. We were even so lucky as...
Low battery

Low Battery. Please Charge.

Another day, another long walk in the park. The longer the better, but I only have an hour, so I make it quick. Move faster, keep my heart rate up, burn those calories . ....
Say no: a woman holding her hands up in front of her with a cringed look on her face.

When to Say No in No-vember

I'm a people pleaser. Saying no is not in my wheelhouse (yet!). Some people can truly say no and be confident in that decision (Psst, teach me your ways!). I, on the other hand, get...
A close-up of a woman's hands holding a cell phone.

Screen Time for Mom: 6 Things to Do Instead of Doom Scrolling

We are all guilty of it. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. The dreaded doom scrolling . . . You know the "I have 15 minutes before the kids get out of school, I'm just gonna browse...
A yard sale sign is hung on the front of a table with lots of stuff on it.

Everything Must Go: 5 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale

Everyone has their own preconceived notions and expectations of what a yard sale should be. Whether you see it as a place to buy junk or a plethora of treasures, I think we can...

My Favorite Magnificent Oak Trees in Charleston

The Oak Tree has my heart. Her majesty. Her grandiosity. Her history. Maybe it's because I've grown up here in Charleston and have practically been raised by the oak trees. I mean, they are truly breathtaking...
Pretend gun play with plastic squirt guns.

Pretend Gun Play: The Battle Between What My Boys Want and What I Don’t

If you're a mom in 2023, you know the headlines that literally make our hearts sink. They make our palms sweat, our hearts race, our thoughts go wild with worry.  Right, the headlines about...