The One Thing I Do For Myself Every Week (That I’ll Never Stop Doing)


About a year ago, I made a promise to myself that I haven’t broken yet. It’s something I look forward to every week. It boosts my mood and leaves me feeling thankful and appreciative for my life – and it’s free. Every Wednesday morning, I take an hour to walk the beach by myself. No matter what I’ve got going on that week, no matter what the weather, I never regret the time that I make for myself.

Throwing in my headphones, feeling the sand beneath my feet, and hunting for shark teeth while I walk is the huge sigh of relief that I crave in the middle of my week. It’s impossible to not feel grateful when you see the sun rise over the ocean. And it’s almost impossible to have a bad day when you start it at the beach.

I take pictures and look for the beauty of the morning. I listen to a podcast that makes me laugh or I blast my favorite songs. Sometimes I have friends join me but most of the time I walk alone. When out-of-town guests come to visit me they inevitably ask, “Can we do your beach walk while I’m here?”

I can’t tell you how happy I am when I  wake up on Wednesday mornings and realize that it’s beach morning. 

But this is about more than walking the beach. This is about making a promise to myself that I won’t break. 

Here Are Some Keys to My Success:

  1. I head to the beach as soon as I drop my kids off at school. I’ve got about an hour in between school drop-off and the official start of my work day, so it’s the perfect time to walk the beach.
  2. I don’t let bad weather deter me. Some of the most beautiful mornings I’ve had out there are in a hazy mist or just after a storm. I go every Wednesday, year-round.
  3. I save my favorite podcasts to listen to during this time. Current favorites include Strike Force Five, The Handsome Podcast, Be There in Five, and Terrible, Thanks for Asking. 
  4. I love looking for shark teeth while I walk. That excitement of the hunt is one of the biggest motivators for getting out every week.
  5. There’s a reason I do this on Wednesdays. My beach walk gives me something to look forward to and it gives me a little boost in the middle of the week when I need it most. 

I don’t need to ramble on about the benefits of walking the beach. And if you live near the ocean, you already know that you are lucky to even have this as an option. But hey Charleston mom – when was the last time you went to the beach by yourself? Without kid beach gear to haul and sunscreen to reapply? I hope this inspires you to take a break from the monotony of caring for children and get some time to enjoy this incredible place we live – by yourself.

And if you don’t live near the beach…

Where’s the place that you love most? Maybe it’s a trail, a cute downtown you love to walk around, or maybe it’s even just walking around your neighborhood. Moving your body, getting fresh air, and starting your day smiling is (in my opinion), the mood booster we all can use. No matter what you choose to do, what day and time you choose to do it, I hope this inspires you to make a promise to yourself that you want to keep.