Be Thankful for it ALL


In this season of thanks, we so often look at our lives and celebrate and appreciate all that we have. Health, home, family, friends, food, cars, vacations, pets, and all the good.

mom and daughter sitting on couchBut being thankful for the tough and the hard and the yuck…well, that rarely happens.

Because who wants to dwell on that? We want to put that out of our minds and forget. And yet, the hard and the tough and the yuck are usually responsible for all that good. The rain leads to the rainbow. The storm led to the harvest. So, this year, I will be thankful for….

My slow running, for it allows me to literally take it all in.

My littlest’s cold, for it allows her to cuddle on my lap.

My broken dishwasher, for it allows me to stand in one spot and think.

The heat in October that leads to days on the boat.

The son that got his first C ever on his report card, for it will lead to him understanding how to improve.

The daughter that is teased for her new hairstyle because it teaches her to be confident in her choices and appearance.

The four-year-old that shows up at 2 am with a nightmare because it means she is still so little.

The drawer in the kitchen that won’t open because it allows me to dream design a new room.

The additional pounds that just won’t come off because it forces me to think about my food choices, thus being healthier.

The daily traffic when picking up my son from high school because it forces us to be together and talk.

The dog that jumps the fence but always comes right back, giving me a reason to run faster.

Barges sitting in the ocean that makes me truly evaluate what we really need to give our children this holiday season.

Negative news media that forced me to turn off the TV and live in ignorant bliss.

Angry and complaining posts on the neighborhood mom’s Facebook page that make me realize how much everyone in my community cares about our little town.

Juggling work from home and mom from home because I have a job that allows me to be present in all the things, even when all the things are happening simultaneously.

My husband’s fender bender because it is a reminder that things could always be so much worse.

My cold feet because it forces me to put on the big, fluffy socks.

Grey hairs because it gives me monthly head massages at the salon.

Becoming nearsighted because now the glasses I need are cheap and trendy.

People who treat you ugly because it reminds you to always be kind.

A pandemic that forced us to slow down, be together, evaluate what is most important, and rethink everything. 

Turning lemons into lemonade is not always easy. Being happy for the rain because it brings the flowers can be challenging. But if you look on the bright side, if you can find that silver lining, it will make the worst day or situation just a little less so. So, in this season of thanks be generous with your positivity and make every day a day of thanks and giving.

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Alicia Hughes
A New Jersey native who moved to Charleston in 1999. She met her husband, Rusty at Arts in 2001, got married at the Summerall Chapel at the Citadel and celebrated at Lowndes Grove Plantation in 2003. Moved to Daniel Island in 2007, where her son was born. Soon thereafter had a daughter and thought her family was complete (never say never!) Became a virtual educator in 2010 and then an administrator in 2013. In 2017, the family was blessed with another daughter, (surprise!) and have spent the last few years enjoying all that life with three kids in Charleston has to offer……..boating, beaching, eating, concert-ing, traveling, and celebrating the amazing Lowcountry!