Bedtime Reads and Sleepy Zzzs


There is something magical about picking up a book and flipping through its pages — something I’ve always had a love for . . . getting lost in a story with a blanket and cup of warm tea or coffee.

When I became a mom, I knew I wanted to incorporate reading into motherhood! I’ve always read books to my little one. When I was pregnant, my husband and I would read to her even then.

As my girl has grown, I’ve incorporated bedtime stories right before bed. She thrives on routine, and I’ve learned that it helps her wind down for the evening, and settle her for a good night’s rest. We have a huge reading corner of books, so I allow her to pick two or three reads each evening.

In my almost four years of motherhood, I’ve read countless bedtime stories and have compiled a list of some of our favorite reads that we seem to grab over and over! (Many of which had come from the Imagination Library.)

A preschool-aged girl sits on the carpet holding a book, with a shelf of bedtime reads behind her.
Our favorite book corner!

Our Favorite Bedtime Reads

This fun, whimsical book follows the story of five animals who’ve lost their cuddle toy after a very busy day. Help them find it and give it to them along the way. It comes with five reusable “cuddle toys” that your little one can place on the animal as you read the story and prepare each animal for bedtime. Then tuck your own little one with their favorite stuffy.

This beautiful book reminds your little one to Be Brave and beautiful in who they are each and every day. It’s a mother’s wishes as they adventure through the new and sometimes nervous obstacles of life.

Cue the tears, momma! As you cuddle up to your little one it reminds them that they are fully loved and known. It’s beautiful writing to remind children they are treasured! Just in case they ever wonder.

Much like counting sheep, this adorable story follows along as a boy climbs into bed on an all-night train. It adds learning numbers to the fun as you count from 10 to one. This book is an easy read and very soothing!

This adorable book follows the hushes of the sea and sea life as the sun sets on the ocean’s horizon. I always share with my little one how we live close to the ocean and point out similar ocean surroundings. It dives deep into marine life and how it gets ready for bed. It sings the tune of the ocean’s lullaby!

This short and sweet faith-based book follows along as a caregiver speaks a song of prayer over their child. We always end the night with this one! Praying over who she is and all she’s meant to be in her own beautiful way.

This book counts from one to 10 as a child gets ready for the evening from dinner to bath, and tucked into the bed. It aids in number skills and has beautiful graphic illustrations. It peeks behind the lens of bedtime through a child’s eyes. A New York best seller!

This book is one of many LLama Llama books. But this time Llama LLama needs mama, though he’s already been tucked into bed! It is a comical glimpse at motherhood as mama has already started the evening chores and time to herself but little llama isn’t having it! How many mamas can relate?!

An array of bedtime reads to include all of the books listed above.
Favorite bedtime stories.

I hope you’ll find a new book or two to read to your little one through some of our favorite bedtime stories.

Have any fun bedtime reads? Share it below! 

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