Moved by Local Art: Ekphrastic Poetry


Ekphrastic poetry is a creative way of describing art with words. 

As a poet, I often find myself writing in response to art. A beautiful painting can transport me to another time and place, and tell a story without saying a word. The way art evokes emotion is so similar to poetry that the two often seem to go hand-in-hand.

In honor of World Art Day, I had the pleasure of writing poetry in response to two incredible local artists, women who add to the beauty of this incredibly creative city. 

Stay the Course

Local art entitled "Stay The Course" by Tara Kellner. A fluffy-looking sky with shades of pink, pale blue, and grays over a thin line of gold, runs into depths of blue colors.Out of the blue,

nothing but gold

on the horizon.


Gaze fixed,

bathed in pink

feminine energy

staves off the storm,

holds space for



Venture on,

sail smooth,

all she, her, hers

for the taking.


Solace in the solitude,

adventure in the ambition.


Alone isn’t lonely

when you’re at home

with yourself.


Inhabit the journey,

in all its shades.


Inspired by Stay The Course by Tara Kellner

Two by Two

Local art entitled "Two by Two" by Ruthie Beberman Sumpter. Outlines of two people's heads and shoulders side-by-side with colors of red, pink, blue, green, tan, black, yellow, and white.A reflection,

a shadow,

a manifestation of imagination,


a slant rhyme, 


count the ways I love you different, 

and the same.


Two by two 

we walk through

our corner of the world, where

you are everything I hoped for


and surprisingly more,

graciously less,

in every way your own,


when I thought that you’d be 



Inspired by Two by Two by Ruthie Beberman Sumpter