20 Fun Parent/Kid Date Ideas in Charleston


In trying to spend more quality one-on-one time with our kids, it can take some planning to figure out what to do. But making that time for just you and your child to spend some time together is so worth it. Something happens when you get your child by yourself and they start to open up and share about things. We’ve compiled 20 parent/child date ideas you can do around Charleston this summer and beyond!

20 Parent/Child Date Ideas in Charleston

  1. Head to one of our favorite places for a cold treat and enjoy some ice cream together.
  2. Ready to get active? Hop over to one of the fun trampoline parks like Flight Adventure Park.
  3. Enjoy a movie together and then have dessert afterward so you can talk about the movie.
  4. Pick out a craft or project on Pinterest and then work on it together.
  5. Go to a sporting event like a Riverdogs or Stingrays game.
  6. Try out a trail at one of the local parks.
  7. Ride go-carts. This will be sure to make you both laugh!
  8. Rent a paddleboat at one of the county parks.
  9. Walk around Waterfront Park and sit on the swings.
  10. Tour one of Charleston’s historical spots.
  11. Take a class together at one of the recreation centers.
  12. Visit the Charleston Museum.
  13. Take a carriage ride tour. You will learn something new every time you go.
  14. Walk the Ravenel Bridge together.
  15. Get dessert at Kaminskys.
  16. Make a list of fun restaurants in Charleston and slowly try each of them.
  17. Paint pottery together
  18. Go to the library or bookstore together and pick out books.
  19. Go to a spa for manicures/pedicures or play spa at home.
  20. Visit one of the beaches and walk around together. Have fun looking for shells.

The options for a parent/child date night are endless. Make your list today and then schedule the time to actually make things happen.

What would you add to this list?