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Little girl running across the grass with her teddy bear at Pitt Street Bridge. Palm trees, blue water, and blue skies surround her.Whether you are a local Charleston resident or just here for a visit, the picturesque Pitt Street Bridge in Mount Pleasant is not to be missed. In this article, I’ll fill you in on its history and a few ideas to make this outing a fun adventure for everyone.

History of Pitt Street Bridge

Originally built in 1898 as a trolley bridge, Pitt Street Bridge played a significant role in transportation for the area, as it was how people got from Mount Pleasant to the beaches of Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms.

As trolley services declined, the bridge became unused. In the 1960s, it was converted into a pedestrian bridge. Over the years, Pitt Street Bridge has become a community landmark, with beautiful views of the surrounding marshes, Sullivan’s Island, and Charleston Harbor. It is a popular spot for walking, jogging, fishing, and enjoying nature.

Logistics for Your Adventure

What to Pack

  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen or Hats
  • Water Bottles
  • Additional Items Below


Whether you visit during peak weekend hours or opt for a weekday adventure, you’ll find plenty of space to park.

Choose Your Own Adventure

1. Get Active

Pitt Street Bridge is a great place for young kids to ride their scooters, jump rope, or enjoy the views from the comfort of a wagon or stroller.

A young boy rides his bike on the path along Pitt Street Bridge. A family walks their baby in a stroller across the bridge. And a young child uses their scooter in the grass.
Small bike, stroller, and scooter

2. Read or Journal

Pitt Street Bridge is such a unique and calming place to get away from it all. Grab a few library books or coloring books and enjoy the afternoon reading, coloring, or journaling.

3. Go Fishing or Crabbing

Try your hand at fishing or crabbing! Toss in your line or net and feel the excitement as you reel in a feisty fish or scoop up a crab.

Make the most of the plentiful breeze by bringing along bubbles or your kite. Just keep an eye out for the palm trees — we wouldn’t want your kite to get tangled up!

5. Do a Sight and Sound Scavenger Hunt

Capture the sights and sounds of the Lowcountry by drawing pictures or making lists of local wildlife, like dolphins, crabs, and seabirds. Listen for the sounds of container ship horns, people playing instruments, the splashes of fish jumping, and coastal winds. Consider bringing your binoculars!

A dad and his young child peer through binoculars out onto the water.6. Yoga

With beautiful marsh views and a gentle coastal breeze, little yogis will love practicing their poses at Pitt Street Bridge. Check out these Yoga Pretzels cards. I loved using them with my students when I was a teacher!

7. Picnic

A little girl holding a teddy bear looks through the wood slats out over the marsh from Pitt Street Bridge.Pitt Street Bridge is the perfect destination for an hour or two of fun outdoors. So gather your kids, pack, choose your adventure, and go, see, and explore!

Is there anything I missed about Pitt Street Bridge? Be sure to leave a comment below! 

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