Fun Summer Kids Photo Shoot Ideas!


Summer is the season (most) kids live for! Flip flops, ice cream, NO SCHOOL! One thing I absolutely love doing with my girls is mini photo shoots: just a random shoot of them being themselves and having fun. Summer is the perfect time for this.

For me, I also find it the perfect way to spend time together. Pick something that you and your kids enjoy doing together and bring along the camera. I have included a few of MY personal favorites. They are simple, cost-effective, and fun!

My Favorite Kids Photo Shoot Ideas

  • Beach

Hey, you are most likely going to be there at some point over the summer, so why not? Bring a colorful umbrella, beach toys, and sunglasses! Take pictures of them playing in the waves, building a sand castle, and showing off their beachwear. Don’t forget to snap a few of those sandy toes! I have even done a little shoot with my girls on the beach in their regular clothes. Just drop by the beach and shoot away. It’s equally as fun and not quite as messy!

  • Picnic

My girls and I have picnics all the time! When I bring along the camera, I can look back and remember these summer days long after they are gone. You can get shots of the setup, your lunch/snacks, and even a selfie of you all together.

kids photo shoot idea during a picnic

  • Ice Cream

Whether it’s heading to the local ice cream shop or having a popsicle in the backyard, this screams summer! Be sure to get a shot of those ice cream-covered faces!

  • Tea Party

Whether they are playing dress up and pouring a spot of tea for their dolls, or enjoying a cup and a snack under the sun, this is an adorable summer shoot!

kids photo shoot idea during a tea party

  • Playground

Let them run and play while you shoot away!

  • Picking Flowers

Flowers are in full bloom this time of year, so take advantage! Whether it’s going to a local park or garden, a roadside field, or right in your own yard, flowers make for an amazing backdrop! Take time to stop and smell the roses flowers!

kids photo shoot idea while picking flowers

  • Sidewalk Chalk

Fun, fun, FUN! Snap while they draw and get creative! You can also have them lie down and draw around them.

  • Pool/Splash Pad/Sprinkler

Whether it’s jumping in the water or running through it, this shoot is always refreshing!

  • Arts & Crafts

Bring out the paints and markers and have at it! Photograph them while creating a masterpiece and then with the finished product. Don’t forget to snap the mess too!

  • Eating Watermelon

Take pictures as they enjoy this wonderfully messy summer fruit!

What are some of your favorite summer activities for a photo shoot with your kids?