A Letter To My Patient Husband



To my patient husband,

You see me.

On mornings when I’m too tired to wake up early with the boys, you encourage me to stay in bed and sleep a little while longer.

In moments when I don’t have time to put on my makeup or brush my hair, you still see the beautiful woman that I am.

On days when I am depressed and all I can do is lay in bed instead of play with my boys, you still remind me that I’m a great mom.

On nights when I’m too exhausted to read bedtime stories, you gladly read and transport our boys into a world of imagination.

When I have piles of emails to reply to and not enough time in my day, you encourage me to find a quiet place to work.

On days where I am overwhelmed with a messy house and just want to clean, you manage to help me while still entertaining our boys.

In moments when I get frustrated with my extended family, you remind me that I have a beautiful family of my own to focus on.

On days when our youngest cries at drop-off because he will miss me at school, you remind me that he will still have a good day.

In times when I doubt my ability to go back to school, you remind me that this is where I need to be.

On nights when the boys are especially difficult to put to sleep, you run me a bath and add my favorite bubbles to it.

In the days leading up to one of my events, you remind me that the big day will be amazing because I have worked hard to plan it.

When my anxiety is tricking me into thinking my whole family is going to catch COVID, you remind me that we are taking all the precautions and that we are healthy.

In times when I can’t figure out what to wear and nothing fits my mom body anymore, you help me figure out the perfect outfit and matching shoes.

On days when I’m worried that we don’t have enough money, you remind me that money comes and goes and that you will work hard to make more.

On evenings when I’m too tired to spend time with you because my mind has been busy all day, you gently kiss me goodnight, tuck me in, and turn off my light with a smile.

You are the calm to my storm. You are my everything.

What I’m trying to say is thank you. Even on days where I’m so caught up in the hustle and bustle of being a mom with many other commitments, I want you to know that I am so grateful for your patience.

Your patience with me. Your patience with our boys. Your patience with yourself.