Date Nights…Remember Those?


Remember when your guy would come pick you up for a date and you’d get all dolled up? You even put lipstick on! Or when your phone would ring and his name showed up on the caller ID, and you jumped up and down screaming, then took a deep breath and answered as calmly as possible…Ehhemmm “Hello?”

Flash forward ten years, and it’s more like, he gets home from work and comes over for a kiss…”sorry babe, I totally forgot to brush my teeth today.” Or, you’re sitting on the couch watching TV after the kids are asleep, and he rubs your leg and you start to wonder when the last time you shaved was? 

Well, I must say that my husband is amazing. He’s not only wonderful to me, but he’s the sweetest dad to our three-year-old son, Turner, and our five-month-old daughter, Gracie. So for his birthday, I decided to set up a special date night. My mom watched the kids while we got dressed up dressed and hit the town. We started off with a walk through waterfront park. Haven’t done that in years!

Then we went to The Gin Joint for snacks (which turned into dinner) and cocktails. What a cool spot! I highly recommend it. They have a section of the menu where you can choose two or three words (boozy, fizzy, refreshing, fruity, smokey, etc) and the bartender will create a cocktail for you! The food was great too. We ordered a few plates to share.

I will admit that I really had a hard time letting go of thinking about the kids! Did my mom swaddle Gracie tight enough? Is Turner having a threenager style meltdown because he can’t have another cookie? Did Gracie take her 5:00 nap because if she didn’t, she’ll be exhausted and cry hysterically before falling asleep tonight! But two sips into this bad boy and my worries melted away, and I was feeling good!

Being downtown+no kids+amazing food and drinks=the perfect date night! The beautiful thing about starting date night at 4:00 in the afternoon is that we were home and asleep by 9:30. Now that’s what I call a success!

When was your last date night?  What did you do?