Two Ingredient Banana “Pancakes”


When my daughter first started solid foods, I was worried that she had an intolerance to wheat. While worrying about this, I searched for infant and toddler recipes that were wheat-free. Luckily, my daughter ended up not having a wheat allergy AND I found this recipe for banana “pancakes” that she still loves along the way!


Here is the recipe for super-simple, two ingredient banana “pancakes”:

1 Ripe Large Banana
2 Eggs
Cinnamon (optional)


  • Mash together all ingredients then cook in a skillet like normal pancakes. These gems take a little longer to cook so the key is to be patient! Start with a hot pan so that the batter doesn’t spread too much.


  • Then wait approximately four minutes to flip. They are ready to flip when they no longer stick to the pan. If you flip the pancake too early, they tend to fall apart.


  • Cook for three minutes on the other side.

CookedI personally don’t care for the taste of these “pancakes,” but my husband and daughter love them! One recipes makes about five small pancakes, so that is two toddler breakfasts! I just refrigerate and reheat for ten seconds in the microwave the next morning.

The same concept also works for sweet potatoes! Happy Eating!


What are some of your favorite, simple recipes for toddlers?