How to Make Mom Friends in Charleston


Charleston is the number 1 city in America, as named by Travel and Leisure. Most of us came to Charleston from somewhere else, a.k.a. transplant. It is quite possible that you’re a new mom in town, or you were a new mom in town at some point. Once you hit motherhood, you’re in a life stage that’s different from every other time you’ve made friends. You’re no longer in high school or college, where friends are literally everywhere you turn. Fast forward a few years (or more…eek!) and you’re a stay at home mom, you work from home, or you work in a small office with limited girl tribe prospects.

Now what? 

Tips for making mom friends in the Charleston area:

Tip: After joining any one of these groups, write an introductory post and ask other moms to join you for a play date or moms’ night out!

  • Visit local playgrounds in the evening or on the weekend, at a time that is usually convenient for you to get together with other moms. Chances are the women you see there will also typically have this time available on a recurring basis. Strike up a conversation (I know). What’s the worst that can happen? Small chitchat and then nothing ever comes of it. You won’t be compatible with everyone. Just like dating (eye roll, again I know). The point is, you could run into your next BFF. Go ahead, step out of your comfort zone and your future self will be waiting to thank you. If it goes well, exchange information and make a point to reach out afterward!
  • Shop small & local. Many of the area boutiques host evening & weekend events on occasion. Cannonborough Collective, Charmed Beauty & Gifts, and The Skinny Dip are a few that come to mind. I’m always checking out their websites, e-newsletters, or social media pages to find upcoming events. Farmer’s markets are very family-friendly and usually have activities for kids like face painting, bouncy castles, and outdoor yoga that can keep the kiddos busy while you connect with other moms!

Here is a listing of area markets: 

Johns Island Farmers Market (every Saturday, 2024 Academy Rd, Johns Island)

Charleston Farmers Market (every Saturday, 329 Meeting Street, Charleston)

West Ashley Farmers Market (every Wednesday, 55 Sycamore Ave, Charleston)

Sunday Brunch Farmers Market (every Sunday, 1977 Maybank Hwy, Charleston)

Celadon Flea (last Sunday of every month, 2221 Noisette Blvd, North Charleston)

  • Do yoga on the beach. If you haven’t tried yoga on the beach, I highly recommend it. We often go on and on about the need for self-care as moms. Let me tell you, this is it. Serenity Tree Yoga, Folly Beach Island Yoga, and OM Outdoors are great options to find some like-minded pals. Beach yoga classes are typically suitable for all levels and are donation based, so you really have no excuse. 🙂 Kidding around Yoga with Melody isn’t yoga on the beach, but it is a fantastic option to include your kids for a fun yoga play date with other area moms!
  • Attend a CHS Mom’s Blog event! Attending an event hosted by the Charleston Mom’s Blog is truly a great way to meet other moms, just like you who want to get connected. CMB events are held a few times a year and are so much fun. Hit that ‘like’ button on Facebook and follow on Instagram to keep up with new events as they’re posted throughout the year.
  • Attend school functions. These moms are going to be in your broader neighborhood, and there’s a chance that your kids are already friends!

Tip: Organize a ladies’ night, and send invites to all of the moms in your child’s classroom. The teacher may be willing to slip the invites in backpacks to send home, and she might even want to join herself!

  • If you are a #mompreneur, #momboss, or just flaunting all around #girlpower, consider attending a networking event. Here are some suggestions:

Hatch Tribe for Women Entrepreneurs

Champagne Society

Lowcountry Ladies

Don’t let me fool you. I’m writing this blog post for myself! I moved to Charleston in August 2016 and am a work-from-home mom, still looking for her tribe in Charleston. Want to be friends?

If you have any tips for local moms that I missed, feel free to drop them in comments!


  1. This is great! We moved here a year ago Thanksgiving, & although i’ve met a lot of nice ladies… no one I can really call a good friend yet. Mostly my fault being busy w/ the move of our home, business & kids. This will be my New Years resolution though! Unfortunately, the Mount Pleasant Moms page looks like it’s been inactive for a few years 🙁

    • Hi Stacey! I know what you mean, I just moved here in August 2016 with my husband and 2 boys (ages 6 & 3). Keep an eye out for events that we have coming up…they are really great opportunities to connect with other area moms in the same boat! Our kids love the ‘bridge park’ in Mount Pleasant, so if you ever want to get together feel free to reach out!

      Thanks for the feedback on the neighborhood page, we’ll have to check into that. 🙂


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