Heartland Home Foods: Groceries Delivered From Farm to Freezer!

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Healthy. Convenient. Affordable. These are the “Holy Trinity” of any busy parent’s life when it comes to feeding their families, but healthy is not always affordable and convenient foods typically are not healthy. It can be hard to find grocery solutions that check all the boxes. 

Ready to stop spending time decoding food labels, clipping coupons, and spending hours at the grocery store?

Ready to clean up your family’s eating habits and stick to your budget?

Looking for REAL food options?

Great! Allow us to introduce ourselves…

The heart behind Heartland Home Foods

Hi, we’re Amanda and Anthony, proud owners of Heartland Home Foods and health nuts. We want to introduce you to a new, old way to buy food: straight from the farm! We’ve scoured farmlands across the region with our checklist searching for high quality, real food to deliver straight to your freezers.

Heartland Home Foods is a farm-specific, in-home food delivery service. We know you’re wondering, “Is this like Hello Fresh? Blue Apron? Butcher Box?” and, “Why do I need this when I have Walmart grocery pick up?”

Heartland allows you to have multiple, bulk-sized grocery trips worth of food, 100% customized to meet the dietary needs of your family, delivered to your door, and put away for you! All while being a healthy, sustainable choice and working explicitly in your family’s budget! Their foods are all flash frozen, portion sealed and free of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and chemicals. 

What you need to know about Heartland Foods:

  1. Sourcing: When you buy food at the grocery store, can you tell where it came from? How about how the animals were raised? How was the product handled before it got to your table? We can make the assumption that you cannot answer those questions. And if you could, you would probably not feel like eating afterward. “Ignorance is bliss,” as they say. In reality, it is what you do not know that can really hurt you. Heartland consultants tell you everything you want to know about how their partner farms operate and why we chose them. It’s guaranteed you’ll be the health-nut-know-it-all after you meet with your consultant.
  2. Consultation: This is the most unique part of our service. Heartland Home Foods has trained professionals that take time to come to your home, cook you a meal, and learn about your family’s eating habits. They spend time understanding what groceries look like in your household. Everything from the foods you to eat to the portion sizes you prefer, to how often you eat at home. With gentle, expert guidance, you build a custom grocery program for your family.
  3. Convenience: What’s the worth of a tailored, source-verified food supply if it’s not easy to cook or convenient to use? Heartland’s products defrost in warm water in ten minutes! No more realizing too late that you forgot to defrost something for dinner. Heartland Home Foods’ products are individually packaged, making it simple to get a healthy meal on the table. Everything is delivered in bulk so you do not have to shop every week. 

Heartland Home Foods puts a modern twist on shopping the farmer’s markets and requires some openness to trying something new. But if you take the time to learn what Heartland Home Foods has to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you’ll fall in love with this new way of doing things. Their clients rave about the convenience, affordability and healthy options:

“Why do I love HHF? So many reasons but for starters the meat and veggies are exactly what I look for: farm to table, “never any” policy, and humane, ethical treatment of the animals. I love that I have a relationship with Amanda and Anthony as well! Bringing back the community portion and connecting is so important to me as well.” Chana, Ravenel

“…The best news of all- when all was said and done we had a budget friendly answer to our needs! And we haven’t regretted a single day. I am actually cooking more frequently and the kids are eating foods they used to have no interest in because the meat is better!! Thank you HHF for bringing a budget-conscious and healthy solution to my shopping frustrations and for making mealtimes easier to navigate.” Molly, Summerville 

Kick back for a night, let Heartland Home Foods’ consultants do the cooking for you, and discover how to customize what’s in your kitchen!

Connect with Heartland Home Foods!

Give them a call! (800-492-5592)

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