What to Say to Encourage a Breastfeeding Mom


encourage breastfeeding: a mother holds her baby to her chest.I breastfed my first baby for 22 months, so I had my fair share of “Did they really just say that?!” comments! Here are some examples of things that I would not say to a breastfeeding mom, plus a few words that would go a long way to encourage her breastfeeding journey! 

Don’t Say . . .

  • “Are you really going to do that here?”

This shouldn’t have to be said, but please don’t ever make a breastfeeding mom feel uncomfortable about where she chooses to feed her baby! And never ever suggest she feed that baby in a bathroom. Do you eat your meals in the bathroom? 

  • “If you don’t stop soon, he/she will still want it before they go off to kindergarten.” 

Yes, this was actually said to me because my son and I continued our journey beyond one year. Please just don’t!

  • “I didn’t breastfeed, and my kids all turned out fine.”

Cool! Fed is always best. I made a different choice, and there is nothing wrong with that! Feeding choices should always be supported.

  • “Your boobs will never be the same.”

Honestly, this is just weird! Why do you feel the need to comment on what my boobs will or will not look like? 

Please DO Say to Encourage a Breastfeeding Mom. . .

  • “You are doing a great job!”

Deep down she knows she is a rockstar, but who doesn’t love hearing it every once in a while?

  • “Can I get you a drink/snack/whatever?”

Any mom who has breastfed understands the struggle of hosting guests or being a guest somewhere, but also being stuck under a baby. If you’re already grabbing something for yourself, why not ask if she’d like something too? I promise it will mean the world to her!

  • “Your baby is doing great!”

Breastfeeding can be a struggle! You constantly are thinking, “Is this right? Is the baby getting enough to eat? Is my body producing good milk?” Just letting a mama know her baby is doing great is a wonderful thing to hear! 

  • Most of all, say nothing. 

Just not saying a word speaks volumes! Breastfeeding or not, it is a personal choice, and it truly is no one else’s business outside of Mom and the baby! 

No matter how you choose to feed your baby, it is your decision — and I know it wasn’t taken lightly! Keep doing your thing, mama. Your baby is doing great, and so are you!

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What has someone done or said to YOU to encourage breastfeeding in your journey with your baby?