Essential Tips for Soothing Your Teething Baby


If you are anything like me, teething can be a challenging phase for both babies and new mamas. We all can relate to the constant crying, discomfort, and sleepless nights that can leave us feeling overwhelmed. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can ease your baby’s teething troubles and bring back those joyful moments! I want to explore ways to soothe your teething baby and recommend safe and fun teething toys to help ease their discomfort!

Ways to Soothe Your Teething Baby

Teething typically begins around six months of age, though it can start as early as four months old. It varies from baby to baby. The process involves the eruption of your baby’s first set of teeth through their gums, which can cause irritation and discomfort. It is important to remember that every baby’s experience with teething is unique, but here are some general tips to help you navigate through this stage!

  • Gentle Gum Massage

Using clean fingers or a damp gauze pad, gently massage your baby’s gums to provide relief. The light pressure can help alleviate discomfort and distract them from the pain.

  • Chilled Teething Rings

Teething rings are excellent for soothing sore gums and are personally my favorite! Choose ones specifically designed for teething, made of non-toxic materials such as BPA-free silicone. Place them in the refrigerator (not the freezer) for a short period to cool them down. The cold sensation can help numb the gums and provide comfort. I personally love the Infantino Water Teethers for my child. It freezes quickly and it’s easy to hold!

A smiley, teething baby chewing on a teething ring.
Seven-month-old Maxwell, my first-born son.
  • Frozen Washcloth

Another simple and effective remedy is a frozen washcloth. Wet a clean washcloth, twist it, and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. The cold cloth can soothe inflamed gums when your baby chews on it. Or you can use a washcloth, wrap it around a single ice cube, and tie it closed.

  • Teething Toys

Opt for teething toys that are soft, flexible, and easy for your baby to hold. Look for options made of natural materials, free from harmful chemicals. Silicone or rubber teething toys are popular choices due to their durability and safety. Ensure that the toys are designed to withstand chewing and do not have small parts that could pose a choking hazard. 

A teething baby chewing on a teething toy.

  • Baby Food Feeder Pacifier

If you are having trouble getting your child to eat any food because of their tooth pain, I highly recommend a baby food feeder pacifier which you can put in either frozen milk or frozen fruit! The brands I love are the Bessentials silicone baby fruit food feeder pacifier, or the Boon pulp silicone baby feeder

  • Teething Biscuits or Cold Foods

When your baby starts consuming solid foods, teething biscuits or chilled purees can provide relief. Ensure that the biscuits are made explicitly for teething and dissolve easily to prevent choking hazards. Cold, soft foods like yogurt or mashed fruits can also be soothing for your little one. Teething biscuits we use are the Gerber Snacks for Baby Variety Pack: Yogurt Melts, Puffs, and Lil Crunchies. This tasty and healthy snack will dissolve as the baby teethes on it. Not only is it fun for them, but will keep them occupied as well. These are great to have handy at a restaurant too!  

  • Distraction and Comfort

Sometimes, all your baby needs is extra love and attention during this uncomfortable phase. Offer cuddles, sing lullabies, or engage in gentle play to distract them from the teething pain. Remember to be patient and understanding during this time.

Teething can be a trying period for babies and moms. With the right strategies, you can help alleviate your little one’s discomfort and bring back those smiles. Remember to provide gentle gum massages, use chilled teething rings or frozen washcloths, and choose safe and fun teething toys made of non-toxic materials. You can navigate through the teething stage with confidence and provide comfort to your precious baby! Happy teething stage; you got this mama!

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Marlie Miranda
Marlie Miranda grew up in Cleveland Ohio but was born & adopted from Cebu Philippines. She moved down to Sunny Charleston in 2016 and met her soulmate in 2017. She’s a successful Events Service Manager in downtown Charleston. Five years later, she and her husband welcomed their first beautiful child, Benito Maxwell Miranda! After giving birth, she struggled with her lifestyle change from a busy social life to a stay-at-home mom. She finds happiness with the support of her family and friends and hopes to develop forever friendships with other Moms who can relate to her Motherhood journey!