Marlie Miranda

Marlie Miranda
Marlie Miranda grew up in Cleveland Ohio but was born & adopted from Cebu Philippines. She moved down to Sunny Charleston in 2016 and met her soulmate in 2017. She’s a successful Events Service Manager in downtown Charleston. Five years later, she and her husband welcomed their first beautiful child, Benito Maxwell Miranda! After giving birth, she struggled with her lifestyle change from a busy social life to a stay-at-home mom. She finds happiness with the support of her family and friends and hopes to develop forever friendships with other Moms who can relate to her Motherhood journey!
Postpartum Survival Caddy filled with supplies.

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Animal Safari Charcuterie Board: green grapes, pretzel sticks, peanut butter, and animal crackers.

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Dear Mama, You Will Do Amazing in 2024

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Making Mama Friends in Charleston: Adventure With Your Little One!

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Guide to West Ashley Living

Derived from the fact that the land is west of the Ashley River, the majority of West Ashley is considered within the city limits of Charleston because it is not a self-governed city or...
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Essential Tips for Soothing Your Teething Baby

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