Training Plan for the Sweet Tea Half Marathon


Hey, runner! I am so proud of you! Whether you’re running to take time for yourself, or getting the whole family out in the fresh air — you’re doing it! Before we get into a fall half marathon training plan (below), I am sharing some important reminders for training:

  1. Cross-training and spending time to focus on strength doesn’t make you any less of a runner — it makes you better.
  2. Time on feet is ultimately what matters.
  3. Breaking up your run and staying flexible is OKAY and encouraged if that’s how you get those miles in.
  4. Your stress load from life will affect your runs, so remember to listen to your body.
  5. The most important one of all: start and grow with where you’re at.

I believe in you! I hope you bring these reminders with you through training to get you ready for that fall finish line.

View of a group of runners' shoes in the Sweet Tea Half Marathon.The Sweet Tea Half Marathon

The Sweet Tea Half Marathon is a fun, local race that winds through the historic neighborhoods of Summerville. With its small-town feel, this is a great race to explore the town in the fall. Happening on November 11th, it’s the perfect race weather!

This 12-week training plan sets you up for success whether you’re a beginner runner or trying to PR your half marathon. Training starts August 20th.

Click on the image or link underneath the image to open a printable PDF. Don’t have a printer? Pull it up on your phone!

Sweet-Tea-Half-Marathon–Training-Plans >>>| FREE Printable <<<

Each week has 4+ runs with long runs on Sunday. Feel free to switch the long run to Saturday and have your rest day on Sunday. 

Hill repeats are also included on a weekly basis. Even though the race is fairly flat, hill repeats are a great way to build endurance and strength as a runner. A hill repeat workout example is 30 minutes of easy running + 6×30 second intervals uphill. If you’re on the treadmill, shoot for a 6-8% incline.

Add on a run on any of the cross-training days to add extra mileage, and don’t forget about strength training workouts!

Eighty percent of runs (outside of hill repeats) should be an easy effort! This means a sustainable, conversational pace. If you’re a more experienced runner, feel free to add strides at the end of your long runs to amp up the speed.

Reach out to me on Instagram or by email ([email protected]) if you have questions or thoughts! I can’t wait to see you out there.

Happy running,

Coach Kelly

About the Author

Kelly is a mom to three, a runner, and a run coach. She recently moved to the Summerville area from Virginia. You’ll see her out and about always with her dog and kids in the stroller.



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