Jenna Arsenault

Jenna Arsenault
Jenna is a Maine native who moved to Charleston in 2006, moved away for a while, then moved back again in 2018. She just couldn’t stay away from this city that feels like home! She’d choose palm trees over pine trees any day of the week. Jenna and her husband of 14 years have two rambunctious sons, ages 11 & 8, and live in Mount Pleasant. A social worker, registered nurse, and postpartum doula by trade, she is passionate about maternal mental health and is currently writing a book on the subject. Jenna loves to read, kayak, paint in watercolor, and travel with her family. Visit her personal blog on all things motherhood at
Stroke Awareness Month: a doctor with a stethoscope around her neck and a heart cut-out in her chest pocket.

Stroke Awareness Month: Know the Signs

With May being Stroke Awareness Month, let's cover the basics. It just may help you save a life someday -- yours or someone else's. What Is a Stroke? In addition to being the 5th leading cause...
non-fiction books in a pile.

Charleston Moms FAVORITES: Best Non-Fiction Books I’ve Read This Year

Welcome to our series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! Our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and bringing us joy these days. Hello, moms of Charleston! Finding time to read...

Huh?! A Guide to Kid Slang

Huh?! I don't know about you, but I'm currently in the "Bruh" part of my motherhood journey . . . First, I was Mama. Then Mommy. I was Mom for a hot minute. Now I'm Bruh...
Abuse: A man pointing his finger with an angry, yelling expression.

Dysfunction Destruction: What Our Family Learned From Abuse

When I was a kid, I thought all families were loving. I thought hugs and kisses were the norm and shouting and name-calling were a rarity. I thought it was safe to trust your...
delay postpartum visitors: parents lay on a bed with their infant cupped in their hands.

3 Reasons to Delay Postpartum Visitors

I meet a lot of new moms in my line of work. Of the stressors that come along with having a baby, dealing with visitors during the postpartum period is a universal one. New...

Merry & Bright (Where to See Holiday Lights Around Charleston)

Happy Holidays, Moms of Charleston! There are so many wonderful holiday events happening right now! Festivals, parades, and tree lightings in nearly every part of the Lowcountry, plus Santa sightings and holiday shopping events! Of all...

Grow Out Your Leg Hair for a Good Cause

Ladies, forget about your Schicks and Gillettes and Flamingos. Cancel your trims at the salon. Stash away your Tweezermans and wax. It's time to go au naturel for No-Shave November! I am totally psyched for...
Professional Doulas of Charleston founder

Professional Doulas of Charleston Celebrates 20 Years

Happy 20th birthday to the Professional Doulas of Charleston! What Is the Professional Doulas of Charleston? The Professional Doulas of Charleston (PDC) is a local group of birth and postpartum doulas who support and educate women...
Bring sexy back: A couple kisses on the grass.

Bringing Sexy Back to Our Marriage

My husband and I have been putting our marriage on the back burner over the past few months. We've probably been doing it to some extent since our children came along. Although we love...
A mother hangs her head in frustration with her young child wiggling behind her on an e-learning day

Enough Is Enough: That’s the “E” in E-learning

A mother throws her daughter's packet of work across the kitchen. A son and his mom are both in tears. A father loses his cool and yells at his kids. A boy punches his...