4 Viral Halloween DIY Decorations to Try This Year


Does anyone else see super cute DIY decorations and immediately think, “I can do that!” Or is that just me? I’ve been eyeing a few viral Halloween DIY decorations for a couple of months, and I decided to test out a few to see if they were really that cute/easy to do!

Viral Halloween Decorations

1. Ghosts

For the last few years, I have seen these seemingly easy-to-make, adorable ghosts made out of tomato cages! My husband and I have been frequenting Lowes and Home Depot this year, so a few weeks ago I decided to grab a tomato cage to make my little ghost friend. This truly was the easiest DIY and, in my opinion, SO cute! 

Materials used:

  • 1 Tomato Cage
  • Several leftover grocery bags
  • Tape
  • White Sheet
  • Lights (optional)
  • Black Paper

I started off by making my ghost a little head. Some people have used foam balls for the head, but I just stuffed old grocery bags into another bag and made a head shape. From there, I taped it onto the top of the tomato cage. Then I used these purple (spooky) lights, and spun them around the cage. Finally, my ghost was ready for the sheet, and paper black eyes.

Step-by-step photos of Halloween DIY ghost

How cute is my little friend?! This entire project took me about five minutes while holding my newborn and having my toddler help me — truly SO easy!

2. Bats

Okay, so this technically isn’t a true DIY because I didn’t make the bats . . . but I still consider it one. Let me tell you — I am obsessed with this! I got this pack of reusable bats from Amazon, and I went to town. I placed them all around my TV, and then I saw someone put them inside a lampshade.

I loved how easy this was, and it is so cute/fun for a bit of spooky inside! You can also place these all around your door frame to bring the spooky outside! 

A living room TV surrounded by paper bats on the wall. A floor lamp with paper bats on the inside.The next two are some viral Halloween DIY ideas that are on my October to-do list. I cannot wait to try all of these out in the next few weeks!

3. Thrifted Ghost Painting

Everyone with a TikTok/Instagram has seen these super cute/creative paintings! I am going to head to my local Goodwill to pick up a picture, and then turn it into a spooky scene! I am not creative in the slightest, so I will be following this guide on how to paint ghosts. I hope so badly this turns out cute because what a cool way to repurpose something!

A before and after of a thrifted painting of fall foliage, with the addition of painted ghosts and bats.
Photos from, and ghosts/bats painted by Allie Strickland.

Fellow contributor, Allie, took on this fun project and was so gracious to share her before and adorable after on her thrifted find! Check out Allie’s articles here.

4. Terracotta Pumpkins

I might be the most excited to try this one out because it is creating a pottery barn (my favorite) dupe for a much better price. For this DIY, I will be heading to my local dollar store to pick up plastic pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns. Then I will mix my paint color of choice with baking soda, and go to town! This will (hopefully) create these dupes I see all over my Instagram! Check out this site for a step-by-step guide.

front porch covered with halloween decor: pumpkins, trick or treat banners, paper bats, and string lights.Have you tried out any Halloween DIY decor? What was your favorite? I can’t wait to see all the spooky throughout Charleston this season!


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