Birding in the Lowcountry With Kids: Discover the Poetry and Joy of Birds


When birding, you can find many creatures including the Carolina Chickadee.Shorebirds soar over sand,

sweet child’s eyes wide to receive

the gift of nature’s flight.

Some will stay –

Carolina Chickadees call us home while

Woodpeckers know opportunity only knocks

when you make it so.

An unfamiliar song bellows above –

Are you passing through? 

sweet child’s voice asks. 

Migration means more visitors, and 

we wonder together if next year we’ll hear your song again.

When birds share their stories,

sweet child’s mind sparks interest.

Inspiration follows opportunity

where organic nature-lovers are grown.

Step outside,

slow down,

get curious about

what’s around. 

Birds inspire people,

who inspire people to 

notice birds.

What Is Birding?

“A fairly rigid definition of birding would describe it as a specialized activity where one focuses on wild birds for a period of time, trying to observe as many as possible and trying to identify as many as possible.

However, birding is much more. It can be a process of expanding one’s personal awareness of an environment, of the ecology of an area, the changes that occur, and the overall health of natural surroundings.

Birding can build relationships among people, and can even gather valuable citizen science information that ultimately helps protect birds. Birding serves as a very powerful method for connecting people and places. Birds cross all borders and can unite us all.” – Keith McCullough, C.I.T., Natural History Interpretation Coordinator for the Caw Caw Interpretive Center

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