How to Create Forever Easter Baskets


I cannot be the only mom who dreams of being a Pinterest mom, but never seems to execute right. After having my daughter, I wanted to get both kids forever Easter baskets. I picture myself still filling them up when they are 30!

I started my search for the perfect one on Etsy. Guess what I found?! All these baskets were SO much money! They were beautiful and completely worth that price, but I thought to myself — I can make these. It will be much more sentimental too, so I was convinced!

Here is my step-by-step process, if you’re interested in also creating these forever Easter baskets for your kids!

How to Create Forever Easter Baskets

Supplies Needed

  • Metal bucket — my dad found these for me at Lowes
  • Spray primer — this one from Amazon
  • Spray sealant — this one from Amazon
  • Acrylic Paint — I chose pastel sets from Michaels
  • Brushes — I picked up a pack of super cheap ones from Michaels
  • Paint Pens


1. Before I could paint these buckets, I needed to give the paint something to stick to. I used my hand sander and ran it all over them. I wanted them to feel a little scuffed up!

2. Then I went in with my primer and gave them a nice few coats! Looking back, I wish I would have sanded them a little bit more, but fingers crossed they last!

3. Next up was the fun part . . . I got to paint! I started with the bottom layer because I knew I wanted there to be a grassy area on both. I played around a bit here with the green color I had. I mixed it with water and white paint to make it lighter and more grass-like!

Easter baskets: Two buckets with white primer, green grass painted on the bottom sections, and outlines of bunnies.

4. Once I had that done, it was time for the bunnies! I used a pencil to draw anything before actually painting it. These don’t look perfect, and I probably painted over a few mistakes 10 times on each bunny, but I think they are adorable!

5. After I finished the bunnies, it was time to do their names! I did my daughter’s first, and after doing hers realized I wanted my son’s letters to look like they were squished together. So I channeled my inner middle school self, and made what I think are pretty good block/bubble letters!

Easter baskets: block letters painted in blue on a bucket

6. At this point, I felt like something was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I kept looking at examples online. It finally hit me — WHAM — the background needed to be another color! A plain white background wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to go a little rogue. I painted my son’s a light blue (like air/sky color) and I was obsessed! I added little clouds between the letters, bunny, and the cutest little buzzing bee. I felt like his was shaping up so cute! Then I painted my daughter’s background a pink color. I copied the elements I did the first time with the clouds and bees. I love them so much!

7. The last step to finish these up was to spray them with a clear coat of spray paint. Fingers crossed this is enough to keep these babies from chipping or peeling in the future!

Two Easter baskets, shown front and back with painted bunnies and children's names on them.

Are these Pinterest-perfect buckets? No, but that’s okay!

I poured my heart and love into them, and I hope my babies love them as much as I do! I can’t wait to be filling them up in 10+ years, and remember this specific year and how I was filled with so much excitement/joy while making these.

Have you created forever Easter baskets for your kids? Share with us in the comments below!


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