How Jane DO Is Changing the Way Moms Get Fit in Charleston

Empowering local moms to gain confidence and reclaim their bodies, (which in turn makes us better moms) one workout at a time.

Charleston Moms has partnered with Jane DO to bring our readers the following article.

The reality is that carving out time for fitness means gaining the strength, power, and mental fortitude to be an even better role model for your children. At this point, you would have to be living under a rock (if you haven’t heard of Jane DO) and if you didn’t know that regular exercise is good for you. Trouble is, moms tend to prioritize everyone else over themselves. Guilt, errands, and work stand in the way.

Jane DO, a fitness studio, located in downtown Charleston on Meeting Street, knows first hand the challenge of putting yourself first. That’s why they have designed classes that are fun, fulfilling and efficient 50 minute total body workouts. Jane DO has created a space just for you – a community of incredible women who understand the joys and challenges of life and motherhood.

Taking care of yourself is not selfish; it’s essential. When you invest in your well-being, you become happier, more fulfilled, and that includes your role as a mom. When women prioritize their own health and self-care through exercise, they begin to show up better for themselves, which directly affects their families.

“Carving out time for yourself is an essential part of the Jane DO philosophy,” says owner Kaitlin Tufts, “because the positive effects of fitness extend beyond the studio walls.”

And guess what? Your kids notice! They see you setting a positive example, prioritizing self-care, and embracing a healthy lifestyle. It is also essential to prioritize your time to destress, which makes you better equipped to manage the challenges and demands of life, especially when you care for others!

Jane DO’s safe, inclusive, and supportive space is for all women. By providing a blend of strength training, cardio, and dance-inspired workout classes that are actually FUN, it doesn’t feel like a workout, but rather a way to recharge! Their 5 signature classes; SCULPT, DANCE, TRAMP, STEP, and HIIT, are all catered to every body and for any fitness level (even if you are pre and/or postpartum).

Boost your mood, reduce stress, and conquer motherhood with confidence.

At Jane DO, women find the confidence they need to handle life’s challenges, through fitness.  And with the support of the amazing community, this confidence is helping women, not only to become stronger inside and outside of the studio, but also to reclaim their bodies!

“By working out and transforming physical strength, women are becoming more confident and self-assured – in their bodies and in their lives. I’m seeing it with my very own eyes,” says Tufts.

Jane DO has been proven to empower women, enhance happiness, assist those experiencing postpartum depression, and enable them to show up better for themselves and their families.

So what are you waiting for? Say “yes” to yourself and start your fitness journey today.

Join the community and become a stronger version of yourself today! 

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