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Guest Author
Are you interested in being a guest author for Charleston Moms? If you're local and you're a mom (or have awesome and relevant information for local moms), we'd love to hear your ideas! Email us at info (at) charlestonmoms (dot) com.
Teen stress: a mother comforts her stressed out teenage daughter at the table with homework strewn about.

Navigating Teen Stress: 3 Steps to Restore Balance and Calm

If your teen is mad at everything, always coming down with the latest illness, and overwhelmed at the slightest change, know that you are not alone. Current research shows that stress in adolescents is...

Essential Tips for Parents of Children With Cell Phones

This past holiday season, cell phones were a sought-after gift that many children received. It’s an interesting and emotional reality for parents when their kids get a phone, as it signals a small level...
two older children hug in Palestine

A Palestinian Mother’s Hope for the Future

It is important to start by saying that I, like you, was horrified to hear about the events of last weekend playing out halfway across the world. As a Palestinian American, I condemn Hamas...
A toddler girl holding her dad's hand with her Halloween costume in his other hand.

Dear Unworn Halloween Costume: It’s Not You, It’s Me

A Dear John letter to my child’s unworn Halloween costume. Dear Dory, I know it’s been almost a year since we last spoke, so I’d like to begin by apologizing, once again, for how things ended...

This Jewish American Mother’s Experience

Friday night my family opened our home to friends and neighbors to celebrate the end of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. We partied with live music, food, and drinks. It was a joyous evening....

How Jane DO Is Changing the Way Moms Get Fit in Charleston

The reality is that carving out time for fitness means gaining the strength, power, and mental fortitude to be an even better role model for your children. At this point, you would have to...
a woman sits with her knees and head tucked into her chest.

The Day My Life Changed: Parenting Through Grief

April 15th, 2021: The day our lives forever changed -- a day no one wants to experience. No one wants to be a part of the “club” that comes from a day like April...
View of a group of runners' shoes in the Sweet Tea Half Marathon.

Training Plan for the Sweet Tea Half Marathon

Hey, runner! I am so proud of you! Whether you’re running to take time for yourself, or getting the whole family out in the fresh air -- you’re doing it! Before we get into...

No Student Left Behind: New Virtual School Provides Individual Learning Solutions for SC Students

Today, students have their own academic journeys and some face challenges that may take them off course, whether it’s having to work a day job to support their own families, falling short in earning...
Johns Island

Guide to Johns Island Living

Bordered by Wadmalaw, Seabrook, Kiawah, Edisto, Folly, and James Island, Johns Island is the largest island in South Carolina. Roughly one-third of Johns Island is within the city limits of Charleston. The island is...