Charleston Moms FAVORITES: 10 Women I Love to Follow on Instagram


Welcome to our series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! Our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and helping us get through the days. 

It’s one o’clock in the afternoon and you’re pulling the nursery door behind you after putting the baby down for a nap. You’ve been going a mile a minute from the moment you woke up. It’s time to finally sit. Oh, and time to sneak in some aimless social media scrolling. During countless hours of breastfeeding, I discovered 10 wonderful women on Instagram.

My Favorite Instagram Accounts

1. @littlesinthelowcountryinstagram favoritesSarah, a fellow Charleston mom and early childhood educator, created @littlesinthelowcountry to help local parents find enjoyable, child-friendly activities throughout the tri-county area. Her Instagram is primarily composed of reels that highlight various parks, restaurants, events, museums, and other happenings. She shares the best features and amenities wherever she and her two children explore, whether it’s Gahagan Park or Hobcaw Brewing Co. She is diligent to review places that both parents and children can enjoy. One of my favorite features of Sarah’s Instagram is her “Weekend Roundup” posts which list the family-friendly events for the coming weekend. If you ever find yourself stumped on how to make the most of your day with your children, this is such a great resource — after Charleston Moms of course!

2. @thriveafterbaby

Sasha and Alex help postpartum mothers get a grasp on their physical, mental, and emotional recovery. As moms and licensed therapists, they were both ”completely caught off guard” by the transition to motherhood. They share simple and straightforward infographics on every topic you could imagine, and then go more in-depth with reels. As a first-time mom struggling with postpartum anxiety, the information that Sasha and Alex share helps me feel less alone. Plus, their comment section is full of moms sharing their own stories of anxiety, guilt, and the pressure to ”bounce back.” My favorite posts are their little reminders for the hard days that feature quotes likeyou may not be the ‘perfect mom’ or the ‘Instagram mom’…but every day you ARE the mama your baby loves.” 

3. @that.bookmom

LeighAnne is the mom behind the bookstagram handle @that.bookmom. LeighAnne uses books to connect with fellow parents and her own son. Over at @thatbookkid, her four-year-old son posts about his favorite picture books. As a fellow bookworm, I was immediately excited to find LeighAnne and her son’s accounts. LeighAnne shares her latest and greatest reads, which span all genres and age ranges. Her feed shares everything from sappy YA romance novels to mystery novels that will send chills down your spine. LeighAnne also loves a good E-Book and audiobook — so no matter how you prefer to read, she’s got you covered.

4. @letstalkbabywearingCassidy, an adventurous mom of three, showcases how to safely use a wide variety of babywearing products. She typically creates reels that demonstrate how to use carriers like the Hippie Joey, Beluga Baby wraps, and the Babuebaby structured carriers. She even tackles tandem babywearing and makes it look effortless. Cassidy is diligent to include the many ways you can use carriers, alongside stories of her own experiences in babywearing. The quick and dirty style of her reels made it so easy for me to learn how to use stretchy wraps with my own baby. Plus, I love to see all the different babywearing gear out there (even if my wallet doesn’t).

5. @thebalancedboob

Nurse, lactation consultant, and creator of Boob School, Kelly is the woman behind @TheBalancedBoob. Kelly uses Balanced Boob to help share breastfeeding tips and tricks, as well as postpartum support for her followers. Her posts are straightforward, non-judgemental, and cover common issues in breastfeeding. Kelly shares her favorite products and resources for nursing, pumping, bottle-feeding, and self-care. Plus, she has an assortment of helpful videos on hand expression and various massage methods. Her main goal is to help moms feel supported and have the best breastfeeding experience.

Kelsey Lucas is a mother, beauty editor, content strategist, and writer. While Kelsey works on several motherhood projects (Two Truths Motherhood and Chamber of Mothers), my favorite is the poetry and prose she shares with Motherspeak. As a bookworm with a BA in English, the written word has always been a source of comfort for me. This, of course, hasn’t changed since becoming a mom. Kelsey shares both her own poetry and prose, as well as those of other talented mothers. When reading through Motherspeak, you’ll find an overwhelming feeling of comfort and belonging. It’s as though the author behind the passage has reached out to hug you.

7. @jessurlichs_writer

Jess Urlich is a New Zealand mother and #1 bestselling author. She takes her experiences in motherhood and transforms them into poetry. Jess writes about pregnancy, birth, mom guilt, societal expectations, postpartum mental health, and watching her children grow. Her Instagram feed features unfiltered shots of her life. One shot that resonated with me captures stretch marks peeking out of the waistband of sweatpants as Jess holds her newborn. Jess also shares motherhood-themed artwork from artists captioned with her poetry. The rawness of her words hit deep within the maternal soul and comes with a sense of comradery.

8. @heysleepybabyInstagram favoritesRachael is a San Francisco mom of three with a passion for changing the status quo on baby sleep advice. It was Rachael’s experience with sleepless nights that prompted her to become a sleep specialist and a breastfeeding educator. Her content highlights the intricacies and interwoven nature of child sleep habits. Rachael discusses how teething, feeding, development, travel, holidays, and even attachment affect sleep. @HeySleepyBaby is all about helping parents to stop obsessing over sleep. All while never pushing for “cry it out” methods or expensive products that promise to have your baby sleeping through the night.

9. @flowertowncharmInstagram favorites

Jenna, of Flowertown Charm, is one half of the Summerville home-turned-B&B-and-farm Jenna and her husband, both born and raised in Hawaii, moved to Summerville and fell in love with this 1870s colonial farmhouse. She began using her Instagram to document renovations and DIYs. Flowertown Charm is also an “urban mini-farm.” You’ll see dogs, dwarf goats, mini Scottish Highland cows, chickens, a bunny, a giant tortoise, and barn cats roaming the grounds! Jenna also shares snapshots of their events, like goat yoga or farm snuggle sessions. Her account is a wonderful way to add a sprinkle of beautiful scenery and adorable animals to your day.

10. @raisemwildInstagram favorites

Krystin is a self-proclaimed outdoor junkie raising her boys to love everything wild. At @raisemwild, Krystin shares how she and her boys tackle homeschooling, hiking, beach trips, and good ole camping trips. She also includes the occasional text post that serves as a reminder that you are a good mom. One thing I admire about Krystin is how she never shies away from sharing the hardships of motherhood. She openly discusses postpartum mental health issues and the devastating grief of losing a child. Her content reminds us to let kids be wild and experience the world, and to experience it alongside them.

In all its platforms, social media is full of incredible and inspirational women. You know them, you follow them, and you are them.

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