My Heart: A Mother’s Valentine


Valentine's Day PoemBig, chocolate eyes filled with wonder,

when I’m your world and

the world is your oyster,

these arms your bed,

you dream sweet.


Dirty blonde hair tousled with play,

legs kicking steady to a run, fearless

knowing I’m right behind you,

your safety net and playmate,

you fly free.


Tiny smile shines bright,

giggles sing sweet music echoing

through the halls of our house,

joy’s light fills your eyes and

fairies dust freckles across your nose.


Pure heart unwalled,

emotion pours out your eyes and

my chest catches all in safety’s embrace,

where feelings come to express and rest and

we learn endless about self and other.


Little fingers interlaced with mine,

collecting acorns, handfuls of mighty oaks,

I watch you grow strong and wise and wonder

if it all happens when you’re sleeping or

if I need to become more awake.


That you grace my life with your joy and

the world with your presence is the

epitome of love,

my heart your home,

sweet child, my heart.


For Sawyer