Affirmations for the New School Year


Summers always seem to go by fast when you’re just getting the hang of the fun. This year has seemed to fly a little faster. I blinked, it’s August, and I’m sending my baby girl to preschool this month. Ouch!

In just a few short weeks, she will embark on her own little journey of learning and friendship — something she is desperately ready for, and I know her beautiful little mind needs.

On her first day, this momma will be knee-deep in my feelings as my only kiddo takes that big leap. She is so excited and ready for it all. So if you see me in the carpool line in the coming days with hot-mess hair, counting down the hours until pick-up, don’t mind me. She and I are both starting this new chapter called preschool.

For the last four years, my little girl has been my mini bestie, my shopping buddy, and my morning cake pop and coffee date. She was my constant in the big mountain of fighting cancer. Though she will always be all of these things, she now gets to spread her wings a little more in her very own way. For her to do that, it also allows me to let go some.

a little girl colors with markers on a piece of paperThe Power of Affirmation

As my little girl has grown, I have always been sure to affirm her. Growing up in a home with trauma and brokenness, words of affirmation have always been important to me, especially in the scarcity of receiving them. It is one of my many love languages

Each day when getting ready, or in the evening while tucking her into bed after bedtime stories, we share affirmations. I want her to know she is brave, strong, and beautiful. I want to incorporate that in her learning too.

As we embark on the school year ahead, I want to share the affirmations we use.

Affirmations: a young child looks up at the words "believe in yourself" written in script on a wallDaily Affirmations

1. I am strong.

2. I am smart.

3. I am important.

4. I am special.

5. I am amazing.

6. I am brave.

7. I am beautiful.

8. I am kind.

9. I am loved.

10. I will change the world.

Affirmations are a great way to speak positively about the day ahead. We enjoy saying them to empower our little girl to try hard things, to know she is loved and beautiful just the way she is, and that she has the power to make a difference in the world around her.

Do you have different affirmations that you use with your kids? Share them in the comments below!

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Misty Barrett
Misty is a Cincinnati, Ohio native along with her husband. They moved to the area in early 2018 after getting married in the late summer of 2017. Having not been to the area before, they dove right in and now call it home. They also have a spunky three-year-old daughter. Misty is a blood cancer survivor, after getting diagnosed while pregnant, and undergoing a stem cell transplant. She enjoys being a stay-at-home mom and a small business owner. You can find her crafting, baking, and creating any fun DIY she can try. She enjoys discovering all things local from food, sites, and beaches with her husband and daughter. A family beach day is always a good day to her! Keep connected with Misty on Instagram @mistbarrett